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Fictional Story Called The Two Ridges - Scholarship Essay Example

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This essay "Fictional Story Called The Two Ridges" shows the author's writing methods and the main concepts of English that he used. This story is about James and his fears before entering medical school, his relations with parents, and his goals in the future…
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Fictional Story Called The Two Ridges
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Extract of sample "Fictional Story Called The Two Ridges"

Download file to see previous pages I understand that learning is a continuous process and I am always ready to be corrected. Though I am not perfect in writing, I am sure that with a concise following of the concepts you have taught us, I will emerge as one of the best students in the class. I pay attention to everything you teach and my enthusiasm will propel me to get nothing but the best. The fictional story I have prepared will revolve around the society to expose various drawbacks depicted while the youth are being brought up and the ones that can hinder their progress.
James walked aimlessly, often almost stumbling on the few stones along the deserted pathway. He was not sure where he was going, yet he kept walking. Many thoughts crisscrossed his mind. For eleven days now he had remained unsettled. The past week seemed like a dream to him. Her mother had just noted that he had not had supper for two days, spending most of the time secluded and closed up in his room. He looked at his image in the moonlight and smiled, sheepishly, life was getting smooth… no not smooth. He crossed the river that acted as the boundary between his ridge and the neighboring one and started climbing up fast. Panting.
He remembered the words of his father three days ago ‘son, you are going to the university in two weeks, always remember you come from a humble background, do not allow the ways of the city to spoil you. You are the light of this family. Our energy is not there anymore, we rely on you to support your siblings in the future’, cold tears slowly run down his cheeks. He feared. He knew how serious such a covenant could be, and he had assented to it by promising his father that he would be a good boy and study hard. He had always aspired to be a doctor and the letter to join Johns Hopkins School of Medicine could not have come at a better time. He knew he had the enthusiasm and the mettle to forge through the six hard years and emerge as the only doctor in the neighborhood, a role model, the person everyone wanted to emulate. Yes, he was ready. Yes. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Fictional Story Called The Two Ridges Scholarship Essay, n.d.)
Fictional Story Called The Two Ridges Scholarship Essay.
(Fictional Story Called The Two Ridges Scholarship Essay)
Fictional Story Called The Two Ridges Scholarship Essay.
“Fictional Story Called The Two Ridges Scholarship Essay”.
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