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Chinese Academic Group in English Study - Term Paper Example

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This term paper "Chinese Academic Group in English Study" describes the peculiarities of writing course during the author's semester. He demonstrates the work in Chinese academic Groups for Chinese students, its plans, and achievements, tasks, some useful information. We find out about the author's English skills, his opportunities in writing and reading. …
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Chinese Academic Group in English Study
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Extract of sample "Chinese Academic Group in English Study"

Download file to see previous pages I fell in love with writing after learning how to write for the first time. I was not only addicted to writing what I wanted to say but also the writing process itself. In the 21st century, the computer has become more and more popular and a large number of people choose to write and read through a computer. No one can object to the fact that computers have simplified the writing and reading process significantly.
People search for any information they want to read over the Internet and many more are willing to replace paper writing with electronic writing. But I, without hesitation, consider that paper writing and reading are irreplaceable. Handwriting can inject the author's own suggests in the words. These words are not cold dead, but dancing the writer’s melody as he or she scribbles through the paper. That is why I could not avoid engaging my pen before even thinking of turning it into print.
My mother tongue, Chinese, has also impacted my opinion about writing. We need to learn almost four thousand different complex characters as the bases of writing and reading. Different from English, the word of every Chinese character is simplified by pictographic images. When I learned different Chinese words, I always imagined the picture, which the word represented in my mind. This process has promoted my imaginative and creative mind at the same time. Actually, in my memory, I started learning Chinese words from every interesting part of the words. Every part of a word has its own meaning and representing a picture. For example, the Chinese word “fish” is called “鱼”. The horizontal character, the underscore “一” at the bottom of the word is simplified by “灬” which represents water in the river. And the other part of the word is simplified by in the inscriptions. After gaining this knowledge, you will find that every Chinese word is attractive and one cannot help yearning for more and more of the language. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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