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Connecting Concepts from Percy, Abram, and Berger - Assignment Example

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This assignment attempts to explore the common themes depicted in readings “Animism and the Alphabet” by David Abram, "The Loss of the Creature" by Walker Percy, and "Ways of Seeing" by John Berger. The text analyzes the characteristics of European social psychology as pictured in discussed works…
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Connecting Concepts from Percy, Abram, and Berger
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Extract of sample "Connecting Concepts from Percy, Abram, and Berger"

Download file to see previous pages European society psychology revolved around the key ideas to demonstrate etiquettes (even if they were irrational or unhealthy), organized arrangements (housing, clothes, construction, food, reliance on machine and chemicals for the sake of perfection), flawless perfection (to produce artificial perfection) and everything reproduced/replaceable was important, but nature and natural entities were vile (94). Hence, these perceptions can be easily detected in the lifestyle of European civilization, which held the notion of development so close to its heart that they cut down forests to build rail tracks, factories, and buildings. And used timber for production purposes (furniture on large scale), killed animals for their skin/fur, craned habitats of extinct species for the sake of construction, polluted water, destroyed marine species with oil spills and chemicals spills. They used pesticides that poisoned the land in the long term, developed vehicles to replaces horse carts and depleted rich soils with chemicals so they became permanently infertile. The pollution caused by these developments increased since significance changed into a necessity with the passage of time. Europeans declined the human and Earthly connection, which was innately bounded since its inception.
Moreover, Abram sets the culpability of this degradation of Earth (European perception of perfection and power) on Religion. He explicitly points towards Jewish and Christian trends of population expansion and the superiority of humans on all beings of Earth. Many excerpts claim that man should benefit from all, as these natural phenomena were created for his benefit only and not vice versa. Yet, all these perceptions were developed and expressed through the aid of language and this language developed few norms, which undermined the worth of nature and its existence for humans. Early writings were images hand and footprints, pictorial tales of native hunters. However, they also depicted how humans have evolved through time and how their perceptions have developed with the help of language as well. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Connecting Concepts from Percy, Abram, and Berger Assignment, n.d.)
Connecting Concepts from Percy, Abram, and Berger Assignment.
(Connecting Concepts from Percy, Abram, and Berger Assignment)
Connecting Concepts from Percy, Abram, and Berger Assignment.
“Connecting Concepts from Percy, Abram, and Berger Assignment”.
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