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The Lexus and the Olive Tree: Understanding Globalization by Thomas L. Friedman - Book Report/Review Example

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The essay "The Lexus and the Olive Tree: Understanding Globalization" discusses the book written by Thomas L. Friedman about threats of globalization. Specifically, the paper would focus on its influence on business. Finally, the writer talks about globalization from a personal perspective…
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The Lexus and the Olive Tree: Understanding Globalization Book by Thomas L. Friedman
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Extract of sample "The Lexus and the Olive Tree: Understanding Globalization by Thomas L. Friedman"

Download file to see previous pages Political ideologies have been challenged by the forces of globalization. Thomas L. Friedman in his book The Lexus and the Olive Tree: Understanding Globalization, while lauding the merits of globalization articulates about the threat it poses and pleads for the preservation of ancient traditions that are the lifelines of the cultural heritage of the concerned countries and geographical regions. He argues that such values should not be sacrificed at the altar of globalization merely for the sake of aggrandizement of wealth.
According to Friedman, globalization has launched a silent, benevolent but relentless war and instead of destruction it has engaged and excelled in the areas of integration of financial markets, diluted the political ideologies of the nation states, exchanged technologies that have helped to change the lifestyles of humankind, and has proved how free-market mechanism is inevitable even within the hardcore communist countries. Religion is no bar for globalization. It is harsh and lauds the winners and losers have no place. It has provided matchless opportunities for the creative brains and enterprising businessmen without fear or favor. The Internet revolution has led to business revolution and has created a new brand of buyers and sellers who are part of the “Electronic Herd”. By pressing a few buttons from one part of the world, the entrepreneur controls the business destiny in another remote corner of the world and plays the decisive role in the economy of that region.
Globalization is like running the marathon race, but it should not be a mad race going by the cautionary signals provided by Friedman in his book. If a man considers that he can conquer Nature, he is sadly mistaken. When Nature reacts humankind will land in a sorry plight. Environmental degradation is one of the serious outcomes of globalization. The post-cold war world is in for a serious trouble without actually opening the waterfront through weapons.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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