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How can we stop the media from creating violence and aggression within Arab countries - Research Paper Example

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It is however, important to note that media can also create significant challenges in terms of supporting or highlighting some of the ills…
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How can we stop the media from creating violence and aggression within Arab countries
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Extract of sample "How can we stop the media from creating violence and aggression within Arab countries"

Download file to see previous pages Secondly, media can also be censored and can increase the broadcasting of other programs to reduce the exposure.
The advancement in technology and outreach of Media has resulted into reporting of widespread crime on media. The reporting of rape, killings, riots, warfare can easily be reported on various media and is within the easy reach of everyone. However, Media also contributes towards the creation of violence by highlighting issues which are considered as sensitive or taboo in some countries.
Various studies have critically outlined the link between media and violence and how media actually contributes towards the creation of violence within different countries and localities. The constant projection of negative news as well as portrayal of certain sensitive issues can lead to the excitement and violence. What is critical however to understand that media has become more complex in nature with multiple networks and vehicles becoming dominating forces in the media. The emergence of Social media has made the situation more badly as it has contributed to more violence. (Forsloff, 2009)
The recent Arab uprising has also been dubbed as the triumph of media in coordinating activities which further fuelled the struggle to topple dictator governments in the region. Not only violence was increased during this period but media otherwise has also contributed towards the increase in violence in the region by depicting various issues which were considered as sensitive or politically more violent in the region.
One of the key and most notable social changes which emerged during 20th century was the saturation of mass media in our cultures. Over the period of time, media has become so strong and influential that it has started to control most of life’s important decisions and choices. Right from choosing whom to vote to deciding on issues of political, social and economic importance, media has served as most influential factors. (Boyle, 2004)
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