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Spanglish - a New American Language - Research Paper Example

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The essay investigates Spanglish - a new American language. It is a language hybrid composed of Spanish and English speeches. Some philologists fear for the purity of English. Others believe that this fear is groundless. Moreover, Spanglish is beneficial to the communication and economy…
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Spanglish - a New American Language
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Extract of sample "Spanglish - a New American Language"

Download file to see previous pages Ericka Mellon whose work was published in Houston Chronicle mentioned that Massey Villarreal as the president of Houston-based Precision Task Group is having difficulties finding skilled workers who are fluent in both English and Spanish. The vice chairman of the US Hispanic Chamber of Commerce informed that when he finds workers who are Mexican Americans, they are poor at speaking Spanish and even unknowledgeable about the language. He also noted the importance of the bilingual society despite the fact that many people find it insufferable. To Villarreal, bilingual people can be a great help to the better economy as they are competitive.
It is never harmful to preserve the language whatever it is. It was quoted by Don Soifer of the Lexington Institute that, “No one is saying that language preservation is not a noble goal”. Therefore, Spanish preservation and usage in areas in the United States are never prejudicial. The English language being contaminated by Spanglish is merely a misconception because studies say that only three percent of the third-generation Americans can speak their native language. It is also not correct to say as well that non-English immigrants turn societies into bilingual communities because a huge percentage of them has grown up and interacted with English speakers causing them to abandon their mother tongue according to Ruben Rumbaut in his study. In fact, the study conducted to scrutinize the achievement of the English language among Spanish speaking immigrants proves that the existence of Spanglish cannot cause the extinction of the English language. Tio and Stavans called Spanglish a “new language”. This is due to the fact that Spanglish is not a contamination of English but a different language. It is known to all that many Spanglish words create different meaning when translated to English or Spanish. It is in reality affecting the American language and culture but not in an unconstructive way. As noted by Villareal, bilingual society is even necessary for the betterment of the economy as third generation Americans can be more globally competitive than one-language speakers. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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