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Barbara Ehrenreichs Pathologies of Hope - Essay Example

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An essay "Barbara Ehrenreich’s Pathologies of Hope" reports that in understanding “Pathologies of Hope” my controlling purpose was to interpret how Barbara Ehrenreich creates a different perspective in understanding hope. This writer criticizes the normal understanding of hope…
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Extract of sample "Barbara Ehrenreichs Pathologies of Hope"

Barbara Ehrenreich’s Pathologies of Hope
In understanding “Pathologies of Hope” my controlling purpose was to interpret how Barbara Ehrenreich creates a different perspective in understanding hope. This writer takes a further step of criticizing the normal understanding of hope. Precisely, the writer creates a new understanding in positive thinking by taking a bold step in criticizing the understanding of hope by the majority.
In this relation, what matters is that hope can have a negative impact on a person life. For example, Barbara Ehrenreich reveals that hope is not the only key that defines happiness and gladness. The author destroys this belief by arguing that hope is used to help one defend against facing the world realities. For him, hope makes one not to give up on life issues. This is strengthened by the idea of not hanging on hope at times when the situation is deemed to be risky.
Barbara Ehrenreich was targeting the audience of the Harper Magazine. This is a magazine that has covers a literate audience. It reaches both the educated and the general population. This audience recognizes the power of hope in life. This is because hope is embraced in different areas in the society.
The organization of the essay reflects what I am doing with the controlling purpose. The essay begins by an overview on the general understanding of hope. Second, the essay summarizes Barbara Ehrenreich’s understanding of hope as presented in his article. Furthermore, examples are used to control the purpose. Also evidences from the article on how the author views hope are given supported with quotes. Finally, a conclusion is given on the author’s position on hope. For example, the author provides scenario in which negative thoughts are of help than hope.
In making the essay be built on evidence, there is the use of direct quotes. The quotes are from the article to indicate an understanding and interpretation of the article. The quotes changed through the revision process. They were reduced to ensure that the number of words for the essay was reached. The use of quotes was used in making the essay more reliable because they supplemented the opinions and helped reduce wordiness. Finally, some quotes were paraphrased in the revision process to ensure that plagiarism is avoided and that new opinions are adopted.
The author strategy of using life examples in criticizing hope is outstanding. I chose on this strategy because exercising hope is essential in daily lives. This implies that there is need to criticize it with examples of what can be experienced. For instance, the author argues how a situation of terminal illness will require one to rationally assess the risk rather depending on hope that he will one day get well.
In the essay I have not talked about the arrangement used by the author. In particular, the author arranges his work basing in examples in which hope cannot be used. His opposition of hope is also based on the need for reality and.
I provide contexts by the providing specific examples used by the author to challenge hope. The use of this example is vital in revealing the uniqueness of the author’s works. Also, it helps in breaking the common understanding of myth, which is hard to challenge with mere explanation. Choosing these examples was vital in changing the revision. It helped strengthen by proving the earlier examples.
Finally, the use of MLA and grammar is utilized. The paragraphs are indented, and also the quotes are done basing on the article. Finally, grammar is good. Therefore, this essay has observed the interpretive format.
Work Cited
Ehrenreich, Barbara. “Pathologies of hope.” Harper's Magazine, 1 Feb. 2007. Web. 15 Feb. 2014. Read More
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(Barbara Ehrenreichs Pathologies of Hope Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words)
Barbara Ehrenreichs Pathologies of Hope Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
“Barbara Ehrenreichs Pathologies of Hope Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words”, n.d.
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