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My History as a Reader and Writer in Russian and in English - Essay Example

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The author of the essay "My History as a Reader and Writer in Russian and in English" touches upon the art of writing. It is stated that writing is an art that requires one to have passion and willingness to counter the challenges that relate to the rules of good writing. …
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My History as a Reader and Writer in Russian and in English
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Extract of sample "My History as a Reader and Writer in Russian and in English"

Learning a new language is quite challenging but I am determined to perfect my new skills within the shortest time possible. My strengths in this new language are the commitment I have in my studies through regular practice to enhance my speaking and writing skills. I am also good at recalling facts and materials learned which enhances my performance in English and Russian languages. 
The main goals for this course are to improve my analytical skills, which will enable me to be an excellent creative writer in the future. I also want to improve my usage of verbs especially the correct use of verb tenses, which will enable me to write high-quality grammar. I also want to organize my work very well and compete with some of the world’s renowned writers in creative and imaginative writing. Reading and writing in the two different languages will help me communicate with more people and make many friends who have similar interests.  Read More
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(My History As a Reader and Writer in Russian and in English Essay)
My History As a Reader and Writer in Russian and in English Essay.
“My History As a Reader and Writer in Russian and in English Essay”, n.d.
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