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Our family pet - Essay Example

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My dog pet, Tommy, has influenced my life by helping me to kill boredom even when I am in the loneliest of the places and the remotest of the situations. Even when I do not have anyone to play…
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Our family pet
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Extract of sample "Our family pet"

Our Family Pet I currently have a pet and have a feeling that life cannot be comfortable without one. My dog pet, Tommy, has influenced my life by helping me to kill boredom even when I am in the loneliest of the places and the remotest of the situations. Even when I do not have anyone to play with, my pet is my playmate and the partner I engage with to kill boredom. I love my pet because it also protects me from danger. I have trained the dog to react to different situations. For instance, if anyone tried to attack me, my pet is the quickest to act by raising an alarm. For that reason, I would recommend anyone to consider having a pet, especially a dog since it also serves a protective purpose (Bonham 4).
One of the pros of having a pet is that one never gets bored. A pet also makes one responsible for remembering when to feed it, wash it, and do other things to keep it healthy (Bonham 12). However, if one gets so much involved in the affairs of the pet, they may become irresponsible in doing other things that are of life importance. One ought to balance between being with the pet and doing other activities. For instance, if one carries a pet dog to the workplace, it may end up being a disgrace when it attacks other people. However, having a pet has made me more responsible by learning how to take care of the animal. Anyone considering having a pet must ensure that they love the pet of their choice. For instance, one must not own a dog as a pet if he or she does not like dogs.
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Bonham, Margaret H. Bring Me Home!: Dogs Make Great Pets. Hoboken, N.J: Howell Book House, Wiley Pub, 2005. Print. Read More
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