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Drama critical - Essay Example

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Through the character of Willy Loman there are various mistakes that the contemporary society can learn from. Through analysis, critics and viewers remark Willy Loman’s the…
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Drama critical essay
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"Drama critical"

Download file to see previous pages Such was the life of Willy Loman which offers various lessons.
Willy Loman does a mistake of failing to bring up his children Biff and Happy in a proper way. This is to say, Willy Loman believes in ideologies that he passes to his sons that eventually fails to lead them to a successful career path. Sadly he fails to admit that is school of thought is not founded in any facts. For instance Charley, the neighbor, warns him that his son Biff was failing in mathematics, unlike Bernard Charleys son. But Willy Loman brushes this off; because he says his boys are more attractive compared to Bernard’s, which he believes will help his children succeed in all they do in life. “Be liked and you will never want”, he claims (Miller, 57). This is an ideology that lacks basis and affects his children. This is seen when he is upset that Biff hasnt achieved more with the career
Willy Loman makes unnecessary demand concerning his sales jobs that eventually lead to his sacking. Willy, is a mid- class traveling salesman at 63, he is exhausted after many years of making his trips. Sadly even when the play end, the viewers do not know exactly what product Willy Loman sells. However the mistake that he makes is making demand concerning the details of his work welfare without representation. In his mind, he feels that he is entitled to working near his resident and mistakenly fails to consider the reaction of his boss. Through critical analysis, he is yet to attain a level of achievement or success that would permit him to stop sales traveling while afford the bills of household that normally appear to swallow the diminishing wages. Through his ignorance and shallow thought, he is fired and this strains the family.
Finally, he makes a blunder of thinking that by committing suicide, the insurance gains will assist the family that is already financially strained. This is a misconception that is obviously unfruitful. Willy Loman plans of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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