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The Crucible by Arthur Miller - Research Paper Example

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It shows the interrelationship between fear and intolerance in Salem and how it tears the community apart. In the play, the characters are bigoted of people who fail to…
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The Crucible by Arthur Miller
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Extract of sample "The Crucible by Arthur Miller"

Download file to see previous pages Arthur Miller was born on 17th October 1915 in New York City. He attended Abraham Lincoln High School before joining the University of Michigan. He graduated in 1938 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in English. Miller’s first Broadway play was The Man Who Had All The Luck in 1944. He later wrote All My Sons, which opened on Broadway in 1947 and received warm reception immediately conferring fame on Miller. He later produced Death of a Salesman in 1949 and won a Pulitzer Prize and Drama Critics’ Circle Award. In 1953, he wrote The Crucible, which became his most widely produced work. By 1956, he had become a fearless defender of the freedom of expression. He was summoned to appear before the House Un-American Activities Committee to explain the information that related to Communism. However, he did not name others as communists or sympathizers of communist. He also produced other plays that include A view from the Bridge in 1955, The Price in 1968, After the Fall in 1964, and Broken Glass 1994. Other plays include The American Clock in 1980, The Ride Down Mt. Morgan in 1991, The Last Yankee in 1991, and Resurrection Blues in 2002 (Viswamohan 64).
Most of the people in Salem were Puritans and had a very strict lifestyle. Every person was supposed to attend church and failure would lead to a charge of breaking the law. Men and women sat on different sides and it was considered a sin for them to sit together. People in Salem believed that if anyone disobeyed their beliefs or laws, he or she was evil. They also thought that a person who was sick was possessed by the devil or was a witch. Every sin was seen as from the Devil, evil spirit, or witchcraft.
Tituba was a slave kidnapped from her home and taken to Salem. She cared for the Parris children and would tell them stories she had learned in the Caribbean about magic and spirits. Many people would also come to listen to her tales. In 1692, three girls who were usual listeners of Tituba’s stories started ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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