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Fiscal Impact That Economic Crisis Has Had On Law Enforcement Organizations - Essay Example

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They are the one responsible for the peace that is experienced in most of the countries and the safety enjoyed by most of the citizens of various countries. This important practice of policing has…
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Fiscal Impact That Economic Crisis Has Had On Law Enforcement Organizations
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Extract of sample "Fiscal Impact That Economic Crisis Has Had On Law Enforcement Organizations"

Download file to see previous pages Since then, policing has been a significant division of the public. Since policing is an important sector in the society. The police of the 21st century are faced with new challenges that need to be discussed. This easy is going to take the readers through the five most important challenges that the 21st centaury police are facing. These five main challenges include governance, cost and cuts, resources, crime and detection and operational priority. Considering the above challenges brings as to the main statement: The officers of Law Enforcement are faced with numerous challenges today as they risk their lives to defend and serve their communities.
The tripartite model of Police Authority, Chief Constable and Home Office is very unclear with the existing grate confusion over the roles and responsibility. A solution needs to provide for the professional governance of the police service which is in a confused mess. The removal of NPIA and the changes cried out in SOCA model are a sign the challenges are being treated with seriousness. There are numerous quangos and technical empires and fiefdoms. The skills and expertise contained inside the large number of departments need consolidation and identification, applying the formulae of money value for areas and individuals. The ACPO statue plus all of his 349 members need to be repositioned and remodeled so that there is an increment in accountability and transparency. For there to be confident from the public, the reposition must start from the top with the structure of governance that makes the people who found it accountable, instead of the self perpetuating oligarchy that currently pervades. The question that the readers need to ask themselves is that, should there be 43 separately governed different forces within Wales and England (May and Herbert, 2010)?
After many years of growth, the pressure in the service has heightened for them to demonstrate that they ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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