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Page 463 - Essay Example

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In many cases, people have to make their choices based on what they know and the best thing is first to ask for samples from the inviting…
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Memo Memo The June 13, An Analysis of the NSF Proposal Guidelines Making any proposal requires the proper understanding of the details, guidelines and expected formats of the inviting organization. In many cases, people have to make their choices based on what they know and the best thing is first to ask for samples from the inviting institution. The NSF guidelines have been provided and update in all online platforms the organization runs to enable people to understand what is required. The impact of this can only be understood when one looks at how precise, accurate and direct the guidelines are basing the judgment on the targeted audience as well as the major role of the organization setting up such strict guidelines.
The aspect of setting proposals requires prior understanding of what is needed. NSF provides information regarding its requirements and offers so much information regarding the increased productivity and the quality of ideas that will meet the inherent needs of the organization as a whole. Most people will have to get clarity and this will be essential because it will provide NSF with an easy time while going through the requests. Another thing that NSF attains by having these guidelines out is the ability of the audience to understand the persuasive nature of an argument based on the culture required within the company. In most cases, people present arguments that do not portray any requisite understanding of the language and culture present in the organization (Markel, 2012). It allows its clients to make better judgments when making choices as well as create precise proposals that can meet the desired working platforms within the organization.
Like any serious organization, it is always important to stick to scholarship and proper rules of attribution. This essential part of the proposal gains more emphasis by the fact that research misconduct will be construed if the authors other than the major authors do not receive any acknowledgment. By creating such guidelines, it allows people to understand that relevant proposal writing skills need to be prevalent and people have to work on establishing the requirements beforehand. The important thing is to use experiences to benefit the intended topic and subject of concern, as well as mediate between the audience and the committee making the grant decisions (Markel, 2012). This process involves a lot of skills and identifies the main purpose of getting the grant. The lack of such details would see the grant proposal thrown out, something that might jeopardize the chances of getting any such attributes in the future.
As noted in the class, a good proposal should have better ways of certifying its authenticity and assure the reader that it is genuine enough to gain the kind of attention it desires. This has been noted well in the NSF grant guidelines, and though the manuscript is 79-pages long, it is an important part of the proposal guideline. It shows how essential learning about proposal writing is and the NSF guidelines also postulate other details that bring to life the details learned in class. It is a great way of working on the skills for a firsthand experience.
Markel, M. (2012). Technical communication. Boston: Bedford. Read More
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Page 463 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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