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In the instructins - Essay Example

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In the current work environment, organizations are continuously coming up with policies and rules that are tough to keep up with considering their work practices. Safety at work is one of the key areas that employees are paying attention to, but the experiences at some of these…
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In the instructins
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Download file to see previous pages The cartoon above by Rick Enright has been used to criticize the words and actions of the employers who say what they do not mean. At the same time, it also shows how these employers try to sympathize with the employees who have no alternative than to keep working for their exploitative employers. Similar scenario relates to the case of Tashi and the company presented in Weiner’s book who did not have an alternative route to the capital of Bhutan. Enright has been creating cartoons that especially criticize on industries, motivation, work effort, enthusiasm, delegation and responsibility, weights and heavy lifting which are mostly published on the website: (Enright 1). Jantoo website uses similar keywords which are often searched by organizational employees and employers to ensure he drives the message to the right audience. In his cartoon above, there are two people with uniforms and helmet, representing workers. However, between the two workers, one is adding more load onto the other person’s already heavy load. At the same time, the one adding the load is giving out a caution that the one being loaded should not to “over-do it.” The writing, “SAFETY FIRST” is put here to show how people usually say what they do not actually mean. For example, if the people in the picture were practicing safety first, then there was not supposed to be any instance whereby someone is overloaded to the point that some boxes are falling over. The cartoon has been used to criticize what we often see at our work places, and it is an appropriate illustration to its readers as they can directly relate to it following what they often see at the workplace.
If we take the loader to be the leader or supervisor, we can say that the cartoon depicts a situation whereby those who create rules pertaining to safety are usually the first ones to go against such rules. One might wonder ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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In the Instructins Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words.
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