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How can we help people who are living longer to live better - Assignment Example

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Despite the advancement in the medical field, people are still finding it difficult to have quality lives in their old age. This makes it difficult for them to be productive or proactive as…
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How can we help people who are living longer to live better
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Extract of sample "How can we help people who are living longer to live better"

Living Longer and Better Lives Living Longer and Better Lives Living a longer life does not necessarily mean that individuals areliving better lives. Despite the advancement in the medical field, people are still finding it difficult to have quality lives in their old age. This makes it difficult for them to be productive or proactive as they age. Life expectancy can be increased and through proper techniques, it is possible to ensure that people are guided towards a higher quality of long life (Beare 2006, p. 56). By ensuring that people are taught or educated on the basic tenets of everyday living, it is possible to ensure that certain diseases are kept at bay in old age. According to the World Health Organization, the eradication of non communicable diseases may be a factor in achieving this goal. It is by adjusting the lifestyle choices of most people that this is possible.
It is also vital to note that physical activity plays a herculean role in enabling people live better lives. As people age, the body may not be as highly functional as it was in its prime years. However, by focusing on adjusting the mental acuity of most people in their prime years, it is possible to carry such an attitude toward their golden years. Offering care and support to those living longer is also a way to ensure that they get the attention they desperately need. It is often said that happiness may result in people living longer (Themer 2015, p. 73). In this case, it may improve the quality of life of an individual if they feel happy. By educating people on the benefits of physical activity, healthy lifestyle choices, and low stress factors, it is possible to ensure that people living longer also live better lives.
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