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Developments in UK energy distribution systems - Research Paper Example

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This report looks at the whole system of energy distribution and how its various elements relate to create patterns of demand and supply in the general consumption of energy. Based…
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Extract of sample "Developments in UK energy distribution systems"

Download file to see previous pages The main purpose of this report is to set out important components that make up a modern energy network-heat, gas, and electricity. For each section, the report evaluates the development made, the challenges mooted ahead and what the government is currently doing to mitigate for that.
Strengthening the electrical network in the UK has been a critical objective for the government to meet the ever-increasing energy demands in the country. Though historically the electrical system of the UK has been rated as among the best, the fact remains that much of the structure was initiated in the 60s and it was meant to meet the needs of that time Department of Energy & Climate Change 2014). With the ever-increasing generation of renewable technologies as well as nuclear energy stations, the electrical system in the country has been rendered obsolete.
The investment into upgrading the electrical system in the UK is already underway. Since 2010-2011-fiscal year, over £16 billion has already been spent on improving offshore and onshore electrical networks. According to Ofgem estimates, the total investments in these networks have since increased to more than 20%. Adoption of new government policies and regulatory frameworks is creating the best condition for the betterment of electrical networks. Because of the installation of more reliable regulatory regimes, there is a larger, reliable, and stronger electrical network in the U.K.
To be at par the pace at which the electrical demands are moving, the government is working closely with the Ofgem to create systems that are resilient to current and future challenges (Department of Energy & Climate Change 2014). The interventions and frameworks being installed are meant to ensure that the system of sustainable not only to the demands of customers but also to meeting the global standards. Improving the structures of the energy electrical systems has become a chief objective of the UK government. With these ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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