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Comparison-contrast / Two-career family versus one-career family - Essay Example

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One of the reasons is conflict in terms of family resources and career. There are those families in which both parents are working and in some one of the spouses…
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Comparison-contrast essay/ Two-career family versus one-career family
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Download file to see previous pages In some accessions, this can be a challenge to the family set up. Nonetheless, it is important for marriage partners to understand their goals and purpose in life in order to overcome this challenge.
Money in a two career family is not necessarily a big problem. They can easily access the luxuries of life and still save up to secure their future. With both parents earning, the responsibilities of the family can be shared or distributed equally among them. Unless there are other differences in the family, the family tends to be happy and socially stable as much of the stress and pressures caused by efforts and hustle to make ends meet are no longer an issue since the payoff is more rewarding. According to Lehman (2005) when marriage partners have equal power to make money decisions, they have a more peaceful union.
When it comes to a one career family budgeting is of great importance since the income of one spouse may not be able to cater for all the family’s needs. With all family members depending on one channel, chances are high that other issues will raise leading to conflict in the family. However, this scenario is dependent on the amount of income the parent is getting. If a working parent is able to make enough money, then it might be hard even to notice the difference. Individuals with well paying jobs, especially men, opt that their spouse stays at home to avoid the pressure and stress of working.
On the other hand, if the income from the working spouse is less than what is needed to sustain the family, the spouse is forced to channel all the income to the needs rather than wants. Leisure activities and vacations or holidays become a rare thing in the family as there is no enough cash to meet such wants. If there are children in the family, the parents will have to be careful to make necessary plans in order to ensure their security in terms of education and health policies.
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