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These laws govern the amount of freedom that the citizens have and define their rights and freedoms. Laws are different in that some laws touch on factors that the laws in other countries or…
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Download file to see previous pages One of the questions asked is whether women and men should be permitted by law to dress as they wish in any society or should restrictions be placed on the ways in which people dress in public.
It should be a freedom for people to wear as they please regardless of their gender or race. Giving the people this kind of freedom is going to make them feel free to wear as they please. They will feel that they are not restricted by the laws and will be a happy people. However, dictating or putting limitations on how the people of the nation will wear may make them uncomfortable and hinder them from feeling free to do as they wish. Men should be allowed to wear as they please and women as well in order to strengthen the bond within a nation. Restrictions will have more negative effects on the society than positive effects. Individuals that are better to a point are not usually cooperative. They face the challenge of needing a way to have unique identity and how to experiment on different things. However, due to the restrictions, they end up bottling it up which may with time make them bitter; especially is they do not agree with the reasons behind the restrictions. This does not matter whether the individual is male or female.
The mode of dressing in a nation where the people are free is also the freedom to express one self. The way on dresses is a reflection on their individuality as long as it is their own choice. Therefore, when women and men are given the freedom to dress as they please, they are also awarded the freedom of expression not only in speech but in dressing. They will be free to show what they believe in and dress in a manner that makes them feel comfortable. The individuals in such a nation will not feel obliged to act in a certain manner that suits their dressing code even if they do not believe in it; putting restrictions on the dressing code will force them to act in a ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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