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Themes Remade - Essay Example

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Raymond is an autistic child while Charlie his brother is a healthy person who barely understands the condition of his brother. Autism affects each of Raymonds actions making him act weird while his brother could…
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Themes Remade
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Download file to see previous pages Just like any other normal human being, Raymond has his fears and phobias. For instance, in an airport when Charlie and Raymond were boarding a plane, Raymond made clear his flying phobia by letting out a huge cry that Charlie took as a childish and annoying behavior. Even with ordinary human beings, some have much deeper phobias and they would not dare entertain the thought of flying, which Raymond courageously faced. After all, people do not welcome changes in their lives and would go an extra mile to resist, why not Raymond? Largely, Raymond was being fed up with Charlie; he viewed him as a dependent person who could not make his decisions.
The fact that Charlie constantly gets annoyed with Raymond for acting weirdly would attest to the fact that Raymond was being defensive and fed up with the over-controlling behavior of Charlie, his brother. Moreover, Raymonds mental perfection that even an average person could not realize was in memorizing phonebook contacts at a glance with excellent achievement. Besides, Raymond was quick and perfect in memorizing and undertaking mental calculations with much ease, a test that his brother Charlie could hardly achieve. Certainly, most people have certain traumas that they developed in childhood, and which do affect how they operate and view occasions as adults. With these respect, the traumatized persons would react with fear to anything that triggers the memories of such traumatizing situations. Similarly, as children, Charlie had tried to give a birth to Raymond using hot water that scolded Raymond significantly. As a result, Considering Raymonds condition, any sight of hot water could be expected to trigger the childhood memories upon which Raymond would be expected to react to such memories. As such, when Charlie turns to hot water, Raymond could not help it but get frightened due to these childhood memories. This reaction could be expected from any normal human ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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