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I have to write about how I improved my skills by this English onilne class - Essay Example

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While listening to an online lesson, the learner can record the experiences, for instance in a tape recorder in order to listen to them later and do practice at home. At…
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I have to write about how I improved my skills by this English onilne class
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Extract of sample "I have to write about how I improved my skills by this English onilne class"

Download file to see previous pages Another way of developing the speaking skills is by taking notes of what on what one has learned from the lesson. Therefore, the learner can practice when he gets back at home. When one practices whatever he has learned then he can easily remember whatever he has acquired. At the time of practice, that the learner should not shy away in speaking out whatever he learns because it is through mistake that one can learn better. The more you practice, the more one become confident in pronunciation and vocabularies.
Listening is also another critical factor in online learning. In such a case, therefore, the learner should improve his listening skills. For instance, he should avoid any form of distraction during the lesson so as grasp the pronunciation and the mastery of content. The online class also involves the reading; therefore, for the learner to properly learn the skills of reading, he should do it allowed. , reading allowed will make the student spot out his mistakes so quickly. The learner should also ensure that he learns at least one new word every day from the lesson. Moreover, the student can also use the Google to translate some of the words that he cannot fathom their meanings. Apart from knowing the meaning of the difficult words, the learner can also ask the Google the pronunciation of the word.
The repetitive review is also another improving the English skills. After being aware of the error, the student should routinely practice the learned skills. The training enhances the speaking skills of the student. The method can be used to correct the syntax, pronunciation, and the vocabulary. When articulating the words, the student should be monitoring the articulatory parameters of the teacher like the orientation of the lips, the shape of the tongue and other parameters. Such a practice is possible when the learner can watch the speaker articulating words. In addition to this, the student should keep a ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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