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Grete is one among several other characters in this text who contribute significantly towards the development of this conflict. In the modern world that we live in,…
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Metamorphosis Franz Kafka
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Insert due The Society and Dehumanization The Metamorphosis is a text that reflects the dehumanizing nature of those one lives with in his/her society. Grete is one among several other characters in this text who contribute significantly towards the development of this conflict. In the modern world that we live in, dehumanization’s existence is aided by those with whom we live with as illustrated in the text The Metamorphosis.
Grete Samsa is one of the characters who show profound concern for Gregor in his transformed body. Arguably, this could be partly because she is Gregor’s sister. However, the much she takes care of her brother by providing him with food, making his room cozier to adapt in his transformed body as well as trying to keep his shreds of human left in him alive, shows that she is indeed of a caring character. However, her stage in life, as a young adult, demands that she engage in responsibilities such as getting her family and consequently sustaining it. By so doing, she endeavors to generate income to provide for her family. As much of these happen in Grete’s life, she slowly gives up caring for Gregor, with the excuse that she has income generating activities as her priority in order to meet the needs of her family. Dehumanization emerges when she gives up caring for her brother to chase worldly things such as money. This is the chief cause of Gregor’s death as he dies out of starvation.
Gregor’s transformation is what creates conflict in the text. It elicits varied responses from those people in his life. There is alienation in the form of the distance that is created between him and them after the transformation. He feels as if in he is caged in a prison of his new body while, on the other hand, his family and friends struggle with feelings of sympathy and revulsion towards Gregor. Gregor’s death resolves the conflict caused by his transformation.
The setting plays an important role in the reinforcement of the theme and characterization. Gregor’s bedroom in which he wakes up from a dream and finds himself transformed forms the boundaries of Gregor’s activities. One learns of Gregor’s character through his interaction with much of what is found in this room. Also important in the development of characterization is the entire building that houses the members of Gregor’s family.
In communicating the theme of dehumanization, the author employs various literary devices that include symbolism, metaphors, foreshadowing among others. For instance, the picture of the woman in furs which Gregor clings to when things are removed from his room symbolize the shreds of humanity left in Gregor.
In the development of the theme of dehumanization, the author employs multiple points of views from different characters. This is evident through Grete’s concerns for her brother that diminishes in time, Gregor’s father’s revulsion towards him, and the office manager’s rejection towards Gregor among others.
Chapter three of the text which starts with Gregor’s injury has a crucial role in plot development, resolution of conflict and exposition of the theme. Besides the effects of the serious wound that Gregor is suffering from, the reader learns significantly much about Gregor’s family in this chapter. For instance, there is a slight change in perception of Gregor as part of the family,”... Gregor was a member of the family, something one should not treat as an enemy, and that it was, on the contrary, a requirement of family duty to suppress one’s aversion and to endure—nothing else, just endure” (Kafka and Ian 66). In addition, the reader learns about the financial crisis facing the family among others. Finally, the conflict is resolved in this chapter when Gregor passes on.
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Kafka, Franz, and Ian Johnston. The Metamorphosis. Auckland, N.Z.: Floating Press, 2008. Internet resource. Read More
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