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The main ways to promote - Term Paper Example

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Qatar’s economy has seen the market grow rapidly over the last few years attracting both local and foreign investors in the world of…
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The main ways to promote
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Download file to see previous pages The lack of adequate product promotion can fail any business whether big or small. Hence, it is highly necessary to disseminate the product to the largest segment; if a business intends to attract large numbers of customers. The underlying key factor to any business’s success remains centered on having a good promotion. There are many ways to promote a product in Qatar, but the most effective ways include advertising, personal selling, discounts and special offers. This paper discusses the main ways to promote a product and which ways better to apply promotion in Qatar.
However good the product, it is highly unlikely to sell itself, which is why a good promotion becomes necessary; to ensure a company markets its products efficiently to its customers. Effective ways to promote a product successfully in a competitive market include the following:
Media promotions may involve using radio, television, newspapers, magazines, posters and billboards, or handing out leaflets in the street or homes. Small agro-processors find the use of television and newspapers as unrealistic options, but following several market types of research other approaches seem viable. A majority of businesses utilize the radio approach by using a number of rural radio stations to promote their products. This approach not only promotes products to a wider segment of consumers, but it also offers the possibility of relatively low-cost advertising. The other alternative that has proven effective in promoting a product a product using commercials on televisions involves the out-of-home TV viewing (Stafford, 2005). Most people hate commercials, so they tend to change channels when commercials come up; that is why home-TV viewing cannot effectively suit as a way of promoting a company’s products. However, people tend to find it interesting watching commercials when on the move for example in buses, in shops, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Main Ways to Promote Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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