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Communication - Coursework Example

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Most importantly, the idea of self-concept focuses on the personal character in a general perspective. For example, an individual can describe him or herself as a hard worker…
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Extract of sample "Communication"

Communication Question one Self-concept is a personal explanation of who he or she is in terms of how he or sheperceives himself. Most importantly, the idea of self-concept focuses on the personal character in a general perspective. For example, an individual can describe him or herself as a hard worker based on his or her assessment of his character. On the other hand, self-image is the personal view of self in a particular circumstance as influenced by external pressure and the internal ability to adjust to such conditions. For example, an individual can describe him or her as an excellent public speaker due to his or her assessment of effective public speaking they have experienced.
Question two
Noise is a major hindrance to communication as it interferes with the whole process.
Context: When in my first year at the university, I always found it hard to communicate with my friends from the Middle East due to the cultural differences.
Sender: communicating with an African American is sometimes difficult as they relate debates with racial discrimination against their community.
Receiver: when the new neighbours from Germany came to our estate, we could not communicate, as they did not understand English.
Channel: When I was in Paris for a vacation, I could hardly talk with my parents, as the telephone line was not in service.
Culture is an important factor that determines the effectiveness of a communication. Notably, cultural and social stereotype affect the psychological communication as the receiver or sender can have prejudiced opinion regarding the other party. For example, a discussion or debate between an Africa American and a White American might have stereotypical influence from both parties. Specifically, the White might view the Black as unintelligent while the Black might see the White as biased. Consequently, for practical communication, such stereotypes and prejudice must be eliminated.
Question three
The three levels of metacommunication are reflective, adaptive, and anticipatory. Reflective metacommunication is the process whereby an individual thinks about the communication after the conversation is over. I would rate myself ‘good’ as I reflect on the conversation to determine my strengths and weaknesses and make proper decisions on how to improve my skills in future. Anticipatory metacommunication is the process of planning to communicate. In this category, I would rate myself ‘fair’ because I frequently plan to tell my friends or parents about some issues I need to discuss with them. Finally, adaptive metacommunication is the listening skills theories that detect the ability to listen actively and thoughtfully. In this category, I would rate myself fair because if am sometimes hindered from listening attentively due to concentration on my Smartphone.
Question four
When working as a manager, there are crucial times that you need to prepare what to say. Specifically, this entails giving the reason for a particular reaction. For example, when transferring a worker from one location to the other, the manager must offer adequate reason why the selected candidate is the most important and how the new opportunity will benefit the individual and the organization. However, some activities, mostly in sports, do not require pre-planning. For example, in a football match, the coach does not plan what to tell the players in the field. However, the communication occurs through game analysis.
Question 5
The assessment of the variables that impact the delivery of the message based on the audience-specific needs is necessary. Therefore, the sender must consider the location, time, occasion, relationship, and the level of closeness that might interfere with the communication. In addition, an evaluation of the psychological, emotional and physical hindrances is essential. Read More
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