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Transcripy them precisely word by word - Essay Example

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In fifty years, fifty two years I have been here, some fish but not that many. May be lobster or stone crabs. The lobster and stone crabs are about the same, about fifty years ago, almost the same. But fish here…
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Transcripy them precisely word by word
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Transcripts Definition Transcripts Alfred Fishing, never been many fishes in Biscayne bay, never, never. In fifty years, fifty two years I havebeen here, some fish but not that many. May be lobster or stone crabs. The lobster and stone crabs are about the same, about fifty years ago, almost the same. But fish here being, everything go down a little bit, what happened to the small fishermen. What happened was that fishing. Mmmh, people without license fishing or anything. Of course everything has been changes. When I came to this country, outside were a lot of fish. But we say the biggest problem got there I would say, like Miami Beach, Key Biscayne. From here to pacific like that there is less fish, there is a lot of percent less fish, I would say the reason, the bigger reason we got is the sewage outside. You see what happened with the Sewage they put organo-chlorine everyday outside. You know for the Sewer, when you go to the bathroom, that water, that got chlorine that go outside. Everybody would be like everything been changed We used to doing good on the lobster on the bay. No more than before but little bit is still there. we doing fair. Well a little harder, yeah! a little bit. The problem is too many people after they lost. Too many people, not only commercial fishermen, is poor fishermen. See, many people fish, go for lobster all year round. What did they do about? Sometimes they caught it sometimes they dont caught it, at night. They, most of the time they go after the commercial and they run, they are supposed to go a little bit more after small fishermen.
Biscayne Bay I’ve been coming out here pretty much my whole life. It used to called, I think its still called windsurfer beach on that side. So, I used to be a lot of wind surfing over there, and years gone by I have done a lot of diving off of black point, we used to go many lobster seasons, going for lobsters. Weve done a lot fishing in this area, take the boat down to LA key, we used to go to stilts view, I dont know if you are familiar with stilts view? You should definitely look up stilts view if you are doing a paper on Biscayne bay, they got these old homes build on stilts southern bay, and they are still out there and you can go out hang on them, I dont know if you are supposed to but you can go hang out on them.
Jay 02
These are all slash pines, and these are natives of here. And on that side, see all the palms are, that used to like this, they was all slash pines on either side and I cannot remember how long ago, maybe five six years ago, they took all the slash pines out, and they put all the more tropical palm trees and stuff like that, looks nicer, but there is no shade. So that’s really pretty much big change when did that. They took all those slash pine trees out from that side and I hope they dont do this side because it’s kind of nice and you have some shade here. If you go over there, there is no shade.
The Rickenbacker Cause bay has changed so much over past few years. I grew up here so I have seen it my whole life. The beach has become definitely more user friendly, used to be called the dog beach and now they have, the city has invested a lot money into it. It’s more user friendly, family friendly and thats more on the South Beach once, uh, before you go over the first bridge. Now the north beach hasn’t really changed much, it’s still a little more agricultural, but we like to out come here and dive. So, yeah, it’s been amazing.
There been some changes in the parking area. Yeah, today there is no tow we dont know why, why is that. But I see more people coming here. Actually, I haven’t seen dramatic changes on the beach if that what you asking. You know, I haven’t seen a lot of impact besides reality of a lot of people on the water sports, everything that may have some impact on wild life.
(Cesar)I first time came here 1987, I felt in love with it, since then I have been coming every now and then. And it was totally different. It wasn’t a place to be back then, it was kind of dangerous like you didnt want to be here. The beach was totally different, you didnt have this sand, this sand was actually brought from Bahamas, that’s why it’s nice and white. There wasn’t a place to park, there wasnt palm trees, it was like a wild beach. This is basically the beach for the Miami people, like the Miami beaches have a totally different history. But its a great place to work.
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Transcripy Them Precisely Word by Word Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words - 1.
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