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Wreiter choice - Assignment Example

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Such consumables represent some fascinating memory as they are tied to our identities in one or the other thereby leading to some psycho attachment. They can also…
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Wreiter choice
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Extract of sample "Wreiter choice"

Module: Materialism and Consumerism Have Upon the American Psyche Every single day we interact with objects, some of which we have acquired personally and some given to us as gifts. Such consumables represent some fascinating memory as they are tied to our identities in one or the other thereby leading to some psycho attachment. They can also act as symbols of social status in the society for which we must regard. That notwithstanding, a culture has emerged that couples with excessiveness in terms of consumption that results from materialism. Consumerism is thus a resultant force that has raised varying concerns among American consumers for decades now. What could be driving these consumerism tendencies? One apparent thing is the taste!
The impulse buying nature of humans is not anything new in the current society. There is a ceaseless urge to buy goods regardless of the presence or absence of money. People tend to spend money on goods such as cars and flavours, the latter the leading in consumption rate. Compulsive buying has seen our stores stocked, credit card debts amounting and a remarkably depreciated health. One could then pose such question as to what the impact of materialism and consumerism bears on the American psyche. From a psychological point of view, the urge to acquire more goods or wealth is a perfect case of discontent. Prompts arguments as if, when one is rich then the money does not make them any comfortable. Leaving the weak discrediting the materialistic aspect of life, dismissing its importance altogether (Schlosser, 561).
Consumerism is likened to a culture in that many a people have adopted it as the only practice they ever experienced throughout their lives and which they cannot part with given their relationship since the origin and its entirety. Notably, consumerism has created voids in people’s lives, rendering some emptiness within them subconsciously. The advent of McDonaldization and Americanization is a factor that has come into play in shaping the consumer behaviour of the US citizens. The McDonalds, with their influence across continents, have rocked the world with its myriad flavours. It has been demonstrated that 90 per cent of the money by Americans is spent on food alone.
In “Why McDonald’s fries taste so good”, Schlosser notes that flavour is a critical component if one needed to realise large sale turnover. He adds that colour matters a lot as those that are brightly illuminated are tastier compared to the bland- looking foods. It not only applies to taste but also appealing factor among the eyes of the customer (Schlosser, 567).
It has also been established that people tend to buy goods based on their packaging and branding. A concept that has been fully utilised by McDonalds and which they support by offering the right quality as anticipated by their consumers. The McDonalds note that their uniqueness in terms of flavours is a particular feature for their success as they have same materials and same processing machines as their worthy rivals. They add that the rising consumption rate among its consumers is driven by the principle of repeat buyer rate (Schlosser, 564).
Conclusively, the impact of materialism and consumerism on the American psyche is one too many and as such, bears massive psychological bearings that result from corporate-driven consumerism. However, it has always been associated with the primary materialism in the person in question rather than the whole corporate culture that invade the myriad lives of the consumers.
Murphet, Julian, and Bret E. Ellis. Bret Easton Elliss American Psycho: A Readers Guide. New York: Continuum, 2002. Print.
Schut, Michael. Simpler Living, Compassionate Life: A Christian Perspective. New York: Morehouse Publishing, 2008. Print. Read More
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Wreiter Choice Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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