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Rhetorical Analysis - Essay Example

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Politics of the olden times relates to a series of quests and the craving to establish political authority. Modern communication…
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Rhetorical Analysis ESSAY
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Download file to see previous pages Generally, he opts for a circular route, and reaches home with his quest fulfilled. During the process of conquest, he faces different types of dangerous characters, precarious circumstances and challenges death often, to finally emerge victorious. Suspense and situations that create anxiety are part of the journey plot. Even with the full knowledge of the culmination of the plot that the protagonist will emerge victorious, the reader enjoys his encounters with different atmospheres and how he challenges the unfamiliar characters who often threaten with dire consequences. Escaping death becomes the kindergarten stuff to the protagonist. The divide in gender in Norse society to which “The Hobbit” by J. R. R. Tolkien related was not based so much on sex as it was on power. The ability to shift between genders was part of the magic. Seiðr was measured to be ‘women’s magic’, and the exercise was related with taking the role of the penetrated partner in sex – something considered ‘unmanly’ by the Norse. Even with the seemingly authentic historical background created by the authors, the various features of the fantasy plot depend entirely on author’s intentions and final objectives and his attitudes towards gender in the society. As such the authors return to history to choose a specific time period, figures and events and the mainstay of fantasy is in the creation of larger than life heroes capable of extraordinary feats and the roles of the female gender were less important, but crucial to the turning points in the story.
In the examination of historical background of a literary creation of fantasy, magic woven with female gender escapades have an important role to play. Magic acts as the springboard for grand ideas to show their intrinsic strength and social implications. To achieve the purpose in view, the authors draw from their fertile world of imagination; make intelligent use of male and female characters, besides taking cues from ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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