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Poetry Analysis: The New Colossus - Essay Example

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The “Colossus” in the title represents one of the seven marvels of ancient civilizations: the Colossus of Rhodes. The speaker makes sure to inform the audience (people immigrating…
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Poetry Analysis: The New Colossus
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Download file to see previous pages There is repetition in lines 10 and 11 – “your tired, your poor” – is aimed at displaying the Statue of Liberty’s commitment to welcoming all immigrants to America (Lazarus, 2014). In line 14 the author uses imagery – “golden door.” In this context, golden is used to entice the immigrants and the audience, since anything golden symbolizes grandeur and comfort. There is a rhyme in lines 4 and 5 – flame/name – that serves as a connector of the two lines and quickens the poem’s pace (Lazarus, 2014). There is a simile in the first line of the poem, where the speaker states: “Not like the brazen giant of Greek fame.” This is meant to compare the two completely different monuments. From line 10 to line 14, personification is used to give the Statue of Liberty the power of speech (Lazarus, 2014). The stature addresses the immigrants by telling them: “Give me your tired, your poor…” The poem is written in a lyrical style because it is a short sonnet with 14 lines.
Connection to Identity
The poem has a message on identity, which is illustrated by its allusions to the Statue of Liberty. The speaker contrasts the “new” colossus in America with the “old” one in ancient Greece – the Colossus of Rhodes – (Lazarus, 2014). However, the common denominator in both monuments is a manifestation of identity. Just like the Colossus of Rhodes represented Greek civilization and identity, so does the Statue of Liberty symbolize American identity, which is embodied in the concepts of freedom and liberty. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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