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A about plastic pollution in California - Research Paper Example

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Plastic pollution is one such sort of pollution that has being spotlighted in many jurisdictions such as California. The state of California has been a…
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A research about plastic pollution in California
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Download file to see previous pages This trash does not simply go nor does it decompose, it stays and pollutes the environment in a range of ways. Plastic is the most extensive form of rubbish disposed to our ecosystem and the issue has become a problem in need of instant solutions because its effects to our environment are devastating environmentally. California would have been the first state in the nation to implement a ban on the plastic ban in July 2014. However, due to the intervention of industries associated with plastic and bag manufacturing who paid some amount to stop this ban, the state pushed forward the deadline to November 2016. Other organizations as well contributed against the lobby with the aim of keeping factory workers’ jobs intact as well as preventing the 10-cent per paper bag used pay for all residents in California. All people resident in California should be at the forefront in advocating for the new bill concerning banning plastic bags because their pollution poses far reaching environmental as well as health issues to the lives of human beings, animals, marine life and other species in the ecosystem generally.
Environmentalists are the leading groups of people pushing for major changes of human behavior with regard to plastic bags menace. The leading plastic distributors are always stores and malls who give consumers these bags free and after using them go ahead and discard them aimlessly without minding their effects on the environment. This issue has been at the central part of many debates and it has created different opinions from the citizens of California. Those in favor of the ban have come up with measures to curb the plastic bag menace but opponents, a great number of whom are the plastic industry and bag manufacturers are against this move (Kumeh). This has created a row such that the state secretary announced a referendum to let the public decide about this decision. Plastic bags need replacement of a better substitute ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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