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Written Analysis - Essay Example

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The unprecedented death toll of the war suggested that war can be viewed as a massive artificial or to be more specific a large man-made disaster. A…
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Written Analysis
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Download file to see previous pages ar was declared by Austria Hungary on Serbia and it spread rapidly to Russia, Great Britain, France and Germany because they were involved in treaties and hard to defend the nations. The war continued but there came a time when frustrations, depression, demoralization sickness and even hopelessness due to the loss of lives engulfed the troops. But finally the war came to an end in the late falls of 1918 after the involved member countries of the Central Powers signed an armistice agreement. Each of them had to sign. The ending of the war had some significance importance, for instance Germany was severely punished and this led to World War II as many historians tend to believe.
There are many articles and books written containing the description of World War and the themes found. In this paper I will try explaining various themes as described by different authors in relation to the issues on gender, war and trauma.
The overwhelming loss of loved ones in the First World War led people to become iconic writers like Virginia Woolf, Wilfred Owen, and Sassoon among others. Such writers embraced some form of mysticism in order to cope. They had experienced unexplainable and unimaginable losses of loved ones and trauma in their early lives which helped them is sensitive to losses friends and relatives in the war. They were fascinated with the works of a psychical researchers especially Frederic Myers that included potential extensions of personality for example clairvoyance, telepathy and automatic writing a phenomena that enhanced personality survival discouraged its death.
Literature analysis of the First World War literature and psychobiography showed that engagement of the writers with mysticism and spiritualism was not misleading at all but constituted a more ethical, creative and therapeutic form of mourning. It was better than finding solace from state-sanctioned representations of mourning such as war memorials.
‘The Kind Ghosts’ is one of Owens’s most ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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