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Explain how culture and identity connect to or influence writing - Essay Example

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Every culture has to be aware of these rules and follow them to the core if they are to communicate more effectively and relay their ideas in a language that will be understood by…
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Explain how culture and identity connect to or influence writing
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Download file to see previous pages By people having a unified way of writing which follows the same rules, people will not only be able to communicate much more effectively but they will be able to understand each other’s culture and identity and respect it rather than utilizing it only for problem solving and decision making.
I am not a born English-speaker and English was my third language. In my initial years in school, we were taught in our native languages and even read from books written in the native language. We then relocated to the US and I had a hard time reading and writing in English as I had to be taught the language will all its rules which are instilled by the Anglo-American society who are the English speakers. I spent majority of my childhood years trying to learn and perfect the writing skills which was way harder than spoken English. The differences with the local students born in the US was quite obvious when it came to writing and I realized that without proper mastery of the language, I could not communicate properly and get people to understand the points I was getting across.
One of my English tutors one day told me to just write what was in my mind without caring about the grammatical errors I would make. I made the composition I wrote which was about my favorite cultural cuisine personal and an individual task without any pressure to perform. It is during the marking that the tutor started pointing out my weaknesses in the language based on the influence of my culture but which in turn made it easy to correct. I understood that my culture had different way of relaying thoughts and ideas. The fact that we were a collectivist culture made me write everything in a plural kind of way instead of singular and hence I could not make the essay as personal as possible. I had not realized this mistake and this is what had made is so hard to communicate as it always seemed that I was going about it the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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