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How can we help homeless people in our community - Research Paper Example

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The appalling thing is that the numbers keep on rising day by day. It is likely that in a few years to come, basic shelter will be a prestige that only those with financial means will afford…
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How can we help homeless people in our community
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Extract of sample "How can we help homeless people in our community"

Download file to see previous pages Consequently, about fifteen percent of this population is chronically homeless (Shumsky 136). The figures for homeless children are even more disturbing. It is estimated that about fifty children become homeless annually implying that the misery is worsening. This challenge is a major concern that requires not only the government support but also the general community response if both short-term and long-term antidotes are to be found. One way in which the community can be sensitized about this is through broadcasting the film, Bad Grandpa. The film Bad Grandpa is a commentary on American morality because of its use of hidden cameras and unscripted scenes involving people in danger and public’s response to those in need.
To remedy the current situation much more needs to be done than merely removing the homeless from the streets and providing them with houses. Surprisingly, government is not addressing these problems for the first time. It has been done severally not only in the United States but also in other countries. Third world nations particularly those that have huge populations in the sub-Saharan regions and Middle East as well as Asia have been challenged greatly by this issue. One of the common responses is the provision of shelter (temporary or permanent, depending). However, the problem seems to persist even with these myriad humanitarian supports. One would, therefore, wonder how come the problem of homelessness cannot be fixed once and for all to save the next generation from experiencing it (Longwell 56).
Unfortunately, the weed is been dug from the top leaving the roots to proliferate and cause more harm. As a matter of fact “…homelessness can best be solved through an approach that targets the whole society and not just the victims” (Hombs 58). The perception of the society members has to be changed so as they may be responsive to the needs of fellow members if ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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How Can We Help Homeless People in Our Community Research Paper.
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