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Articles summary - Assignment Example

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This is a point of serious concern because educational system has become showing signs of becoming outdated and focused only on drilling and lecturing rather than development of…
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Articles summary
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Download file to see previous pages achers at Meadow Park Middle School practice involvement into a closer cooperation of such kind by means of complete embracing the Common Core Standards in mathematics and English. They have tried to pick up the standards, reduce them to the basic concepts, simplify the language and support their learners both in English and content classes. The reason for necessity of such cooperation is that the new standards of education presuppose harmonic development of an educated person, and this diversity is impossible without inter-subject relationships. In this regard, both a native speaker and a learner of English as a second language have the same objectives – reading and understanding complex texts, finding written and oral arguments, engagement in conversations. It is obvious that the students with low skills in English take much time from their tutors in content subjects, and this is the fact which also proves necessity of cooperation between the two mentioned types of teachers.
Practice shows that teachers of English as a second language support the idea of their assistance to the content teachers who may need it when working with the learners of English. This is because English teachers are familiar with the learners’ language capabilities, knowledge level and cultural background, and this information plays a very important role when choosing an appropriate approach to better ways of explanation of the content subjects.
The author also concerns herself with the matter of the English teachers’ status in their educational institutions. They are considered the main responsible for formulating language competence of the learners, they must work extra time to equalize the students’ language knowledge level, that is, they have many responsibilities and their scope of work is very large. The dilemma here is that they are rarely awarder for this, for example, the number of principles who are English teachers is very low, and almost all of the leading roles in the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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