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Should biotechnologies replace traditional agricultural in the future - Essay Example

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This change has ensured a constant evolution of agriculture to such an extent that it has been able to sustain different civilizations throughout history…
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Should biotechnologies replace traditional agricultural in the future
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Download file to see previous pages as come to affect the manner through which agriculture is conducted and it has brought about a situation where there has been widespread debate concerning whether these technologies should replace traditional agriculture. Biotechnology should not be allowed to replace traditional agriculture because it will result in more harm than good.
One of the reasons why biotechnology should not replace traditional agriculture is that it will neither benefit the farmers in the developed world nor those in the developing world. This is mainly because biotechnology is profit driven and does not have the interests of farmers at heart. As a profit driven industry, biotechnology can be considered to be a means through which major agricultural corporations are attempting to increase the dependence of society on industrial products to the almost total exclusion of products from traditional farmers. The intensification of farmers’ dependence on industrial products through the adoption of biotechnology would ensure that they end up having to endure restrictions based on intellectual property rights owned by major biochemical corporations. The enforcement of these rights would mean that farmers would be denied the right to not only reproduces, but also to share and store the seeds that they have purchased. Such conditions would be highly detrimental to farmers and would force them to have to purchase expensive industrial products in order to continue practicing agriculture. It should be noted that without the much needed capital in order to purchase biotechnological products, most traditional farmers would be forced out of business, with the market being almost completely dominated by large corporations that are profit driven. Therefore, if biotechnology were to replace traditional agriculture, it would create a situation where it would be difficult for a significant number of people employed in the latter industry to survive the new market conditions. There would be an increase in ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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