Personal Point of View on Commanding Wife, Downfall - Assignment Example

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The reporter of the essay declares that his wife, his love is really commanding. He knew from the start. He was warned as well. Could be she is the real iron lady, tougher than that of Britain, tougher than that of Germany, or even the toughest in the world?…
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Personal Point of View on Commanding Wife, Downfall
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Berry: My wife, my love is really commanding. I knew from the start. I was warned as well. [Pause]. Could be she is the real iron lady, tougher than that of Britain, tougher than that of Germany, or even the toughest in world? Her beauty struck me, her flawless curves, her eyes and her long hair. I longed to touch her, I knew I wanted to make her mine. Actually I thought of nothing else but just having her. Could be I only saw her looks, and ignored all other important factors? Did I make a mistake? [Pause]. Oh my God, what do I do? [Sobbing]. Did I make a wrong choice? Every man wants a beautiful wife. I got one. Every man wants a brilliant and tough woman. I got one. Every man wants a woman that can stand up for herself. I got one. What else do I need? Twenty years later, she controls my thinking, she has modernized me, changed me from the cowboy man I used to be. I no longer wear my hats and boots like before. I am used to being in suits and matching ties. I am a different person. I am more responsible, and I have to consult her before making any decision. Do I fulfil the requirements of the men being masculine and domineering in the patriarchal society? What has become of me? Everyone keeps saying that I am being controlled like a small child? Is that so? [Pause] Has my life become well with my commanding wife or not?
On a contrary thought, my commanding wife has helped me a lot. I was a wreck before, a drunkard, a useless bustard. I did very little to make my life better. All I did was sit…sit in the ranch and drink. Waste the whole day with friends in the motel…drinking and partying was the way of life. Look at me now, I have a job, I even built a house. I did not know I had so much potential. What was I waiting for? For my parents to push me around? No way… they got tired of me a long time ago. See what my commanding wife, she took me as I am. I was a no one. I am now a living testimony of change. Why are people condemning her? I just do not understand how people think and behave. If I live a bachelor, they complain, if I marry, they say I am not man enough. I am tired. So tired [pause]. The good thing is that I love my wife. Whether commanding or not, she is my life, she is my support system. I admit that without her my life is useless. Actually I do not know what I would do if she left my world, if she said she would live. I would surely die. My commanding wife, you are me, you are my life, and you are who that I dream of… [Singing]. I will keep you for life unless you decide otherwise.
Hart, Anne. How to Write Plays, Monologues, Or Skits from Life Stories, Social Issues, Or Current Events: For All Ages. New York and Lincoln, NE: iUniverse, 2004.Print. Read More
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