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This is an individual exercise;each of you must type the answers to the following questions and bring them to our conference.
-I am still at the beginning gathering relevant…
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Project 4 assignment
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Homework Exercise 4.2—Due to me during our conference as a typed hard copy This is your opportunity to up me on the progress of your research andupcoming presentation. This is an individual exercise;each of you must type the answers to the following questions and bring them to our conference.
Part I
1. Where are you in the process? Give me an overview of what you’ve accomplished so far.
-I am still at the beginning gathering relevant sources to answer my research question. I found many sources that talk about online dating and why people should not be ashamed of it. I found articles that support my claim which is the reasons why people should not be ashamed of online dating.
2. Describe some of the things you’ve learned about your topic through your research.
-I learned that there are many people who are against online dating. However, it is becoming popular day-by-day in this age of internet, thus the need to change the perception of its critics.
3. How is your group dividing/planning to divide the work of writing/assembling/presenting the different parts of the presentation?
-Each group member will talk about different dimensions of online dating. For instance, I will talk about why people should not be ashamed of online dating, while one of my group members, Nikki, will talk about why not use online dating. We have not yet divided the parts and plan who is going to handle the introduction or the conclusion, but we are working on it.
4. Have you encountered any problems or difficulties so far—with your group, with the assignment, with your research? If so, please explain these problems.
-No, everything is going smoothly. We did our research and found some interesting articles that support our thesis.
5. Write down any questions you have for me—anything you might need help with, any guidance you’re seeking on this project, etc.
-I do not have any questions.
Part II
1. What is your group’s working thesis statement?
-Our thesis statement is “People should not be ashamed of online dating”
2. What are some claims you will be making in the presentation of your argument and some counterclaims you will be addressing.
- I basically will discuss the reasons of why people should use online dating and not feel ashamed about it because it improves social life, it does not translate to desperation, people can choose their preferred identity and it’s becoming popular each day with advancing technology.
3. Write a list of all of the sources (author, title, type of source) that you are contributing to the project. Benefits Of Online Dating - Advatnages Of Dating Websites. N.p., 2015. Web. 21 Apr. 2015.
Heino, Rebecca D., Nicole B. Ellison, and Jennifer L. Gibbs. Are We A “Match”? Choosing Partners in The Online Dating Market. PhD. University of Southern California, 2009. Print.
Kang, Tanya, and Lindsay H. Hoffman. "Why Would You Decide to Use an Online Dating Site? Factors That Lead to Online Dating." Communication Research Reports. 28.3 (2011): 205-213. Print.
Kreager, Derek A, Shannon E. Cavanagh, John Yen, and Mo Yu. "“where Have All the Good Men Gone?” Gendered Interactions in Online Dating." Journal of Marriage and Family. 76.2 (2014): 387-410. Print.
Nguyen, Vi-An. 1 In 3 American Married Couples Met Online. Parades Community Table. N.p., 2013. Web. 21 Apr. 2015. Read More
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