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My definition of success/failure - Assignment Example

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In ordinary circumstances, people usually enroll for a college education with the hope of finding their meaning and purpose. This is usually done…
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My definition of success/failure
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Extract of sample "My definition of success/failure"

My definition of success/failure Video response What captured my attention on the video was the decision that Steve Jobs took to drop out of college and finding meaning in life? In ordinary circumstances, people usually enroll for a college education with the hope of finding their meaning and purpose. This is usually done with the hope that as they gain the skills they get from the class; they will have a clear vision of what they want to achieve. On the contrary, Steve Jobs looked at the college environment as a hindrance to his thinking capacity as it would limit his vision and outlook. According to Steve Jobs, the college should not be a place where a person finds his purpose but rather shapes it.
Definition of success and failure
Steve Jobs had defined success in many ways, which include being involved in something you love. Finding passion in work makes it easy for a person to pursue it, even when it makes little sense. Jobs looks at passion as something that a person will love to do to the last day of their life. Success according to me is defined by the impact and life that a person has touched rather than how much wealth they have accumulated. Just as Jobs stated, a person feels accomplished when their legacy is measured in terms of the lives they have touched. It is unfortunate that most people live their lives for the purpose of accumulating wealth and end up losing their lives. When wealth creation becomes the center of one’s focus, they get frustrated once they realize it unsatisfactory nature. In death, everything else fades away, and the only thing that remains is the name that a person made for themselves. Success is hence about imparting what one has learned over the years to other people. Making sure that other people have grown and learned through the life they have lived.
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Job. Steve, Stanford Commencement Address 2005. Read More
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