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Obesity - Research Paper Example

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But the reality is quite different: the unrestrained obesity reflects the decline in the country’s economy and emphasizes that for the most part of the…
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Extract of sample "Obesity"

Download file to see previous pages Obesity is a chronic disease, which became one of the main problems of health care in the majority of economically developed countries. The number of obese people is constantly growing representing a serious threat, because of inevitable development of the hardest associated diseases. In the United States obesity is the reason of nearly 300 thousand deaths per year. The factor and indirect cost connected with treatment of obesity exceeds 100-120 billion dollars a year. Obesity spreads rapidly worldwide. In the USA every fifth citizen including children already suffers from it. “About a quarter of 2-5 year olds and one-third of school-age children (including adolescents) are overweight or obese in the U.S. About 30 percent of low-income preschoolers are overweight or obese. Overweight and obesity rates tend to be higher and have increased more rapidly over time among African-American and Hispanic children than Caucasian children. The prevalence is also higher among children living in the Southern region of the U.S. (e.g., Mississippi, Tennessee, Kentucky)” (Overweight and Obesity in the U.S.) Researchers state that obesity is connected not only with demography, but also with standard of living indicators: those Americans who belong to poor segments of the population have no access to useful food and have to eat fast food having no opportunity to buy fresh fruit and vegetables. Also, in connection with high crime rate in poor districts people have no opportunity to walk in parks to lose extra calories (Overweight and Obesity in the U.S.) .
Obesity is one of the most widespread diseases around the world, which declares itself by energy balance and metabolism violation, excessive fat disposition in fabrics, especially in hypodermic fatty cellulose. Rate of obesity development depends on the amount of superfluous food coming to ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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...corroborated these findings with 53.6% of Australians reported overweight (BMI greater than 25) while 18% came under the obese category (BMI greater than 30) (AIHW, 2006). When compared to records from the past, it becomes clear that the recent numbers are roughly twice those from 1995. In 1995 around 30% of the adult population in Australia was overweight while only 11% were obese (Deaprtment of Health and Aging, 2011). These figures clearly indicate that Australia is in the middle of an obesity “epidemic” that is only set to increase unless the health system does not provide effective interventions. As far as the issue of interventions in obesity is concerned, a number...
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Obesity the National Health Service (NHS) website at has been that it is “when a person is carrying too much body fat for their height and sex” and an adult individual is counted as obese if he/she has a body mass index (BMI) of “30 or greater.” James and Linton (2008) has defined obesity in more simple word as “an excess of body fat” (p.94). But the problem with this definition is that “there is not a quantitative definition of normal body fat” (James and Linton, 2008, p.94). The definition given by World Health Organisation website at is similar to the one given by NHS and says...
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... to my research topic. Furthermore, the component on critique was helpful in accessing counter articles that were useful in developing argumentative essays. The critique component provided insightful knowledge on how to properly cite counter arguments on the essay topics from literary works of other authors. I was able to employ the critique component on the obesity argumentative essay when presenting anti opponent views against obesity control proposals. In addition, the synthesis component was insightful in developing a general flow and connection to the paper. The synthesis component equips a student with the ability of combining the different ideas into one comprehensive essay. Consequently, I was able to synthesize both the proposal...
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... food intake are still on the menus of these fast food restaurants. By increasing awareness of the obesity epidemic in America we can begin to reverse the trend in weight gain. We need to re-evaluate the importance of healthy eating due to obesity that has become the second leading cause of preventable death in the U.S. It is strongly recommended that the government should enforce strict physical education program and dietary restriction in all schools to control the prevalence of obesity in the society. Nutritionists and researchers attribute poor dietary habits and lack of exercises as the major causes of obesity in the society (Bernard, 2007). These detrimental habits develop in the early stages of child development especially in schools...
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...on the theories and statistics of obesity, as well as examples of this issue. An analysis of the issue of obesity and factors that relate to this issue Obesity Statistics and Prevalence Over the last one decade, obesity has become a global problem that has affected many people all over the world. In 2005, the World Health Organization (WHO) stated that about 1.2 billion adults over the age of fifteen years suffered from overweight conditions while 300 adults were obese. Health professionals contend that if the current trends go on, about 2.3 billion adults will be suffering from overweight conditions by 2015. Approximately 300, 000 annual deaths occur in...
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... to overindulge. However, recent studies have shown a deviation from the traditional perspective where the findings indicate that households with higher risks of obesity were the poorest families in the United Kingdom (UK). This can be attributed to the fact that poor families are not in a position to afford adequate and nutritious diets. They instead tend to buy junk food, which is relatively cheaper and convenient because some nutritious diets require time to prepare and other accompaniments. This paper aims at discussing the title ‘In Western society, the poor are now for the first time in history, proportionately the most obese portion of the population’. Obesity generally translates to having too much body fat, which contributes...
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... nutritionists link obesity to farm subsidies. The products made from these crops are mostly unhealthy and contribute to the disease. Data from the U.S. National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey shows 35.7% of adults and 17% of children and adolescents are obese. (Ogden) Americans have been battling obesity for a long time. One cause of the disease is eating unhealthy foods. I do not agree that farm subsidies should be blamed for American’s obesity problem. It is true that farm subsidies make food items cheap. However, Americans can choose not to buy these foods. Farm subsidies are not forcing consumers to buy their products. Currently, there are other healthier options in the market. There are Americans who are not obese by choice...
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... in the past. These factors have led to increase in their tendency to become overweight and obese. The process of becoming obese is not sudden. It is gradual. An individual moves from being normal weight to overweight and finally obese. Meanwhile, the individual notices the increase in weight but does not take it serious enough to do something about it as the activities that have led to this increase of weight have become an integral part of the individual’s lifestyle. “[S]ending more time in sedentary activities [is] related to higher weight status for all children, regardless of age or gender” (Vandewater, Shim, and Caplovitz, 2004, p. 82). Obesity has many serious repercussions upon an individual’s life both physically...
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... Obesity Obesity is a lifestyle health problem that is taking the world by storm. The chemical composition in diets, littleor no body exercise and stress, among other causative agents are rapidly giving room to the birth of overweight problems. At this age, determining overweight issues requires accuracy. As an adult, using the exact weight and height is a good way to know the status. This makes it easy for an individual to calculate the Body Mass Index, which reflects the body fat content. There, if the BMI is between 25 and 29.9, it is an indicator of overweight (Berger, 60). Being in such a position can cause unnecessary panic to any adult. However, to get out of it needs critical analysis of the exact cause. It can be a craving...
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...and measurement of obesity, the current state of obesity among high school students, the causes, and the possible measures that can be taken to address the issue. Definition and Measurement of Obesity The nature of obesity makes it difficult to clearly define the condition. However, most researchers define obesity as the presence of excessive fat in the body that is characterized by the presence of adipose tissue. Using the above definition, presence of 30% fat in females was considered as obese while for males, presence of 25% fat in the body was considered obese. The Body Mass Index (BMI) is the most common tool used...
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