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Wo'men and society - Assignment Example

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It includes all the natural forces and other living things which contribute in development, growth, and damage. The environment has positive and negative effects on women and children. The skin serves as…
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Women and society
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Extract of sample "Wo'men and society"

Women and Society Environment is the total collection of surroundings of any living organism. It includes all the natural forces and other living things which contribute in development, growth, and damage. The environment has positive and negative effects on women and children. The skin serves as the boundary between external pollutants and the internal body. Pollutants such as makeup products, insecticides, pesticides and waste material include toxins which are lethal. The incidence of asthma among children has increased primarily due to pollutants and bad housekeeping. Women working in chicken processing, computer manufacturing, and housecleaning and manicuring have the tendency of poor health and giving birth to unhealthy children. The debate arises on why contamination affects women more. The simple answer to this women and children has low birth weight and weak immunity due to which they suffer more. One protective mechanism for infants is access to breastfeeding.
Environmentalists argue that the current civil rights are not protective of people’s health because they ask for evidence against environmental hazards. Women have always had the upper hand in the food department either in the households or the in the kitchens of restaurants. Studies also show that low income neighborhoods have more fast food joints and supermarkets which do not sell healthy food. The increasing population of the world calls for more food production. The number of farming systems that are biodiverse, enhance pest control, increase pollination and reduce risks of global warming should be increased. Women play a vital role in the establishment of such farms. There is no decreased amount of food in the world, but the political instability has caused the pseudo shortage of food.
Increment in population is also an issue the world faces. Population changes are directly proportional to climate changes, immigration issues and issues of security. Population issues can be assessed by ecological foot printing, which shows the amount of energy, land, water and resources is consumed by country. This is a productive tool which assesses consumption changes. Current studies show that there is an increase in the access to uncontaminated water. Clean water serves as source of strength among countries. The surface of earth is covered with water but in the form of glaciers and salt-water. Americans have favored bottled water over tap water, but the making of bottled water consumes large quantities of oil and plastic. Companies such as Pepsi and Coca-Cola have been sued for consuming excessive water.
Oil is also a fossil fuel that has pros and cons. It has provided benefits to various Western countries but it has ruined the economy of the smaller countries that are the source of the oil. The oil extraction also leads to timely oil spillage which is an insult to the environment. Climate changes and global warming have had a major effect on women. Melting glaciers, altered rain patterns, rising sea levels and extremes of weather have took many lives. Women are responsible for providing care to their family, climatic changes have affected this responsibility. Women have proposed solutions such usage of renewable sources, ending deforestation and adaptation of efficient agricultural practices to counter the issues caused by climatic changes.
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