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In Prison Life: A Day I sympathize with the prisoners that struggle to reaffirm their humankind in the adverse conditions in prison (Kirk & Okazawa-Rey 432-435). I believe women suffer a great due to their physical makeup. I would actually support the liberation movement that…
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Woman and society
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Women and society Response In Prison Life: A Day I sympathize with the prisoners that struggle to reaffirm their humankind in the adverse conditions in prison (Kirk & Okazawa-Rey 432-435). I believe women suffer a great due to their physical makeup. I would actually support the liberation movement that would see to the restoration of humanity of the prisoners especially women.
In the Excerpt from Orange is the New Black, TBA, I agree that Black women indeed suffer in the prisons especially resulting from the perception of their being of a Black culture while in Barriers to Basic Care, one can easily question the reasons behind the malpractices and the extent of neglect that the prisoners face while in prison. (Kirk & Okazawa-Rey 439-445). It is evident that the women are the ones that suffer more from medical negligence.
Questions for reflection
I define crime as any act that causes a disruption of the normal functioning in the society such as robbery, terrorism and even other minor offences such as insulting others, ignoring the set rules and even littering.
Qsn 2
The closest prison to where I live is a few kilometers, roughly five kilometers. In this prison both men and women are incarcerated there. However, the men and the women have different cells. The prisons incorporates persons of all classes, race and age. Nonetheless, very few rich people of the high society are seen in the prison probably because of their influence in the society, very few Whites, and very few old men and women.
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Kirk, Gwyn & Okazawa-Rey, Margo. Womens Lives: Multicultural Perspectives. (6th edition). NY: McGraw-Hill Education, 2012. Print. Read More
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