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Nuclear pharmacy - Research Paper Example

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With the rising number of cancer patients, demand has been increasing for an effective, efficient and reliable way of diagnosing and treating the disease alongside numerous other notorious internal diseases. Nuclear pharmacy offers such a solution but its usage remains…
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Nuclear pharmacy
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Download file to see previous pages The new method of diagnosing and treating diseases presents a number of both advantages and disadvantages al of which affects its acceptance as the discussion below portrays.
Nuclear pharmacy works by detecting radiations coming from the body of a patient. The doctors inject a radiotracer in the blood vessels of a patient. As the radiotracer flows in the veins of the patient, it emits gamma radiations since it decays in the process. A gamma camera scans the radiations thereby creating an image. This provides a vivid visual aid in the diagnosis process. The process carries out the diagnosis process by analyzing the functionality of the various organs in the body. Such is an effective method of diagnosis since it analyses the functionality of the individual organs. The process of diagnosis differs from other conventional methods that analyses the anatomical and structural appearance of the organs. Analyzing the anatomy and structures of the organs does not provide a vivid portrayal of the effects of the tumors among other infections that impair the functionality of the organs. This implies that nuclear pharmacy offers a realistic way of diagnosing diseases thereby advising equally effective modes of treatments.
Nuclear pharmacy comprises of two fundamental parts known as the radioisotope and a carrier molecule. The radioisotope is a unique chemical element with an unstable nucleus. The unstable nucleus decays to a stable nucleus thereby emitting radiations. A carrier molecule just as the name suggests is a chemical molecule that carries the radioisotope. During a process of diagnosis, a doctor injects the carrier molecule with radioisotope into the veins of the patient. The carrier molecules travels throughout the body of the patient including the heart and lungs which are always the most difficult to diagnose. The gamma camera records the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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