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Wilson successfully uses satire to enhance the messages in his texts. The contemporary scientist develops two systematic texts that communicate to two different audiences with opposing views. He succeeds to carry out such a daunting task using satire effectively. In…
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The Future of Life satirical analysis
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The future of life satirical analysis Edward O. Wilson successfully uses satire to enhance the messages in his texts.The contemporary scientist develops two systematic texts that communicate to two different audiences with opposing views. He succeeds to carry out such a daunting task using satire effectively. In the first text, he criticizes environmentalists who he accuses of making it difficult for Americans to live and exploit their lands. He argues that such individuals are expanding the federal government and creating laws that legitimize their existence and operations. In doing this, the author uses satire to show examples that enhance understanding of the texts. He provides a number of street names for such environmentalists. He further uses simple questions, colloquial expressions, and real life yet simplistic examples that enhance the understanding of the text. By doing this, the author makes the article vivid thereby easily to contextualize.
The same is the case in the second text in which he criticizes the government and powerful corporates for disregarding the environment. Wilson uses satire in defining basic features of the text. He, for example, defines public trust as a strong military power for the anti-environmentalists and immense subsidies for loggers and rancher. He further defines conservation as understand by the anti-environmentalists as planting trees along golf courses and stocking trout streams (Wilson 32). Such satirical examples help portray the extent of the lack of concerns such individuals show. He further cites global environmental conferences that have often made no resolutions to prove his points. The authors ability to communicate effectively to two opposing audiences is an exemplary portrayal of the success in the use of satire.
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Wilson, Edward O. The Future of Life. New York: Vintage Books, 2003. Print. Read More
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The Future of Life Satirical Analysis Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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