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I wandered Lonely as a cloud by William Wordsworth - Assignment Example

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Equivocally, in unison with Samuel Taylor they helped to introduce the Romantic age as a genre in the larger field of English Literature. Later on in his life, William Wordsworth, served as a…
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I wandered Lonely as a cloud by William Wordsworth
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Extract of sample "I wandered Lonely as a cloud by William Wordsworth"

POEM POEM William Wordsworth was an Englishman who majored and centered his work on romance. Equivocally, in unison with Samuel Taylor they helped to introduce the Romantic age as a genre in the larger field of English Literature. Later on in his life, William Wordsworth, served as a tutor in St John College and University of Cambridge. Equivocally, during that period when Romantic poems rose to the light and the world was construed towards mainstream poetry such as sonnets, acrostic or mainstream poems. Being one of the early scholars and thinkers who enjoyed the power of free thought. As an educationist and poet, he helped to introduce and forge a different genre from the mainstream usual definition and knowledge of poetry thereby introducing romance in his literature ( It is was one of the inaugural poems in the romantic age thus qualifying it to be a romantic poem.
Summary and plot of the poem
The speaker records that he was walking around in an area where there were valleys and hills and he was lonely or alone. Equivocally, he strides up and climbs on the hill and sees a lake and noticed of the fact that there yellow daffodils moving or waving in the breeze. It is recorded by the poet that the flowers were dancing a sight which is incredible. If a reader or an observer was to compare, then one would safely assert and infer that the lake was out danced by the flowers or the daffodil, a spectacular scene to see. Tentatively, the dancing daffodils occasioned an enormity of wealth in terms of the scene would bring to him in subsequent time ( Intuitively, the poet drifts from being lonely or empty and started to be joyous at the amazing scene or the dancing daffodils. From that time or moment, each time he feels low or pensive he recollects the memory of joy in him or his heart. Consequently, it that the dancing daffodils brings cheers him up whenever he is in solitude or feeling empty.
As a literary device, the poem employs personification in an accurate and aesthetic manner. For instance, there is characterization and personification when the poem mentions that “the daffodils danced.” In the liberal arts such as poetry this technique and style is known as characterization. When the poem mentions that the daffodils show the inward eye, it is an attempt to role play and characterize the poem or art. A reader easily notices the conciliatory tone from the poem where the poet tries to merge the human experiences with nature without much hustle.
However, the mood smacks off nostalgia because it allows the voice or the speaker in the poem to reminisce or remember good things that happened in the past ( This trail of thought holds as true because the voice or speaker in the poem mentions that whenever he feels lonely or sorrowful he would remember the good feeling or thoughts that he obtained at the lake with the dancing flowers or daffodils). In principle, the sequence of events is simple in a chronological manner detailing from the first instance of the speaker moving to the hill.
It is important to note and mention that the society would benefit from the richness of the exposition and poem. This is so following an instance and example where a person could gain some joy and happiness from the things of nature. The voice of the speaker in the work articulates that he gained some experience and happiness by appreciating the richness of nature. Intuitively, it calls for the human race to protect and guard the ambiance and exuberance of nature that emanates from the environment ( Flowers such as daffodils are natural occurring living things and so is a lake. It becomes refreshing and rewarding to note that nature or the natural environment of the world and society could give peace and comfort to human beings. In all aspects and fairness, it becomes critical that the society especially human beings would protect and preserve the natural environment.
Conventionally, this argument, logic and line of reasoning is critical and important since it shows the aesthetic value and importance of and nature such as flowers, lakes, hills and valleys to the value and life of human beings ( In retrospect, nature such as the meeting or dancing of flowers and lakes gives a rewarding and aesthetic experience to the human being and the society as a whole. In brief, the poem articulates non-fiction aspects and relevance of nature to the life of human beings and how nature is aesthetic and rewarding.
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