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The role of gaze (however topic if optional) - Research Paper Example

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Gazing can occur if you find a person or something interesting or attractive, or can also be an act of unconsciousness. The gazing act is something that is valued, and anything…
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The role of gaze (however topic if optional)
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Extract of sample "The role of gaze (however topic if optional)"

Download file to see previous pages In his work, Berger analyses the importance of seeing and how the act impacts the day to day life. He defines the act of seeing as the most important sense compared to other four senses. On the other hand, Hooks describes the societal understanding of the gazing. She uses the gazing act to define the historical racism that the colored women faced.
The role of gaze is to open the other senses to appreciate and interpret the image at the sight. “The relation between what we see and what we know is never settled” (Berger 7).Through theoretical and practical learning, I have come to notice that the eye can be the window to the brain too. There are so many links between what we see and what we think; you will see a color and then interpret it the same way you will see a danger and then react to it (Berger 7). This has allowed the looks to be judged differently by many people. The interpretation of looks, therefore, can be used to define someone’s characteristics as to whether one is disciplined or not; or an act is good or bad.
The role of gaze is to enable us connect the concepts and understand the beauty that surrounds us (Berger 7). One can relate to seeing what we know or what we believe such that whatever we have in mind can make us view things differently. One who believes in The Bible as a religious teaching will, therefore, see the act of stealing as a bad thing that should be practiced (Berger 8). The act of seeing one that you love makes one be in a different kind of mood that can only be expressed not by word but through actions. The same way an act of seeing can be used to communicate disapproval, anger, and other emotional disgust. This is an explanation of how sight links with personal emotions and reactions. It is true that the feeling can be experienced through touching, and this is witnessed by the blind individuals, but it is using touch has been ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Role of Gaze (however Topic If Optional) Research Paper.
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