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Studies show that girls learn better when they’re not competing with boys. However, I believe sending the girls to the same sex schools is not a smart idea, because these girls might experience difficulties when they take their first steps in business life. Therefore, the…
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Thesis Exercises
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Teacher Studies show that girls learn better when they’re not competing with boys. However, I believe sending the girls to the same sex schools is not a smart idea, because these girls might experience difficulties when they take their first steps in business life. Therefore, the idea of more same sex schools should not be pursued in society.
1. If there are options between a single sex school and a normal high school, I guarantee that no one is going to take the first one. We cannot deny the advantages of single sex schools, but the disadvantages are obvious too. Since our real world is not single sex, it’s hard for those students who go to single sex school to adapt themselves into society. For instance a female might be afraid of conversation with other guys, or guys might not be able to ask girls on dates, which is horrible in my perspective. Therefore, same sex schools are not a good option.
2. Figure out: why should you take pride in your work?
Lvl 1: I should take pride in my work
Lvl 2: Most people will judge me with my work
Lvl 3: Having done a good work will increase my likelihood to be successful
I should take pride in my work. It because a lot of people will judge me with the quality of my work. Doing quality consistent quality work will become a good habit helping me become successful in the future for constantly doing quality work.
3. Figure out: why is volunteering important? What should happen next given that volunteering is important?
Lvl 1: Volunteering is important
Lvl 2: It helps society and other people during their time of need
Lvl 3: It makes our society more compassionate
Volunteering is important. Having many volunteers help society and other people during their time of need making it easier for them to recover. By having many volunteers around, it makes our society more compassionate
4. Why should people watch less TV? What should happen next based on that?
Lvl 1: People should watch less TV
Lvl 2: Excessive watching of TV is bad idea
Lvl 3: Less TV meant more time for studying and other more productive activities.
People should watch less TV. Excessive watching of TV is bad idea because it is a distraction to study. If we will watch less TV, this would mean we will have more time for studying and other more productive activities.
5. What are should people be allowed to drive? What should happen next based on that?
Lvl 1: Only responsible people should be allowed to drive
Lvl 2: Being responsible meant passing written and practical exam
Lvl 3: This would mean fewer accidents on the road.
People who responsible should be the ones allowed to drive. Being responsibility is being determined by passing the driving test which should be done both in written and practical exam. This would eliminate the irresponsible drivers and would result to fewer accidents on the road. Read More
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