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Compare Mac and Windows System - Essay Example

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It provides a link between the hardware and software running on the computer. The operating system controls and manages all recourses including hard drives, monitor and…
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Compare Mac and Windows System
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Extract of sample "Compare Mac and Windows System"

Download file to see previous pages These systems have been put up against each other over decades, and the debate seems destined to be eternal.
Cost is key among the cited difference between MAC and Windows systems. Windows based computers tend to be cheaper than MAC computer. The cost difference is mainly because of the hardware running on these operating systems (Junior & Kumar, 2014). Apple has exclusive rights to the hardware produced that run on the MAC operating system. On the other hand, many manufacturers produce Windows-based system hardware. Therefore, unlike MAC systems hardware, with Windows based system hardware there is a great competition, which results in lower prices. Windows based systems allow the consumer to select the components they would like in their systems based on the price they are willing to pay for a system. The Windows systems are, therefore, budget-friendly to a wider range of consumers. Hence, they dominate the market. However, Apple’s consumer support is superb given that the quality of their products is among the best in the industry. Availability of the two system is also affected by manufacturers who produce the hardware. Windows systems are more widely available since different manufacturers push their products with Windows operating system installed. Apple; however, is selective about where it sells its products when it comes to third-party retail stores.
The design is another big difference between Apple MAC and Microsoft Windows systems. In this aspect, MAC products tend to be superior. The unconventional focus on design by the former Apple CEO Steve Jobs explains this. He focused on the outward appearance of the company’s products with an enthusiasm unmatched by the competitors. Manufacturers of Windows based hardware often attempt to create more design-oriented models to compete with Apple products with none yet to achieve the popular ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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