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It can be said that civilization itself is ushered by paper. Through the invention of paper, mankind became literate. He learned to write and make his ideas communicable to others. He became a learned person and became civilized. …
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Significance of the paper
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Teacher Paper It can be said that civilization itself is ushered by paper. Through the invention of paper, mankind became literate. He learned to write and make his ideas communicable to others. He became a learned person and became civilized. Paper is also a lifesaver because it saved us from so many conflicts as it served as a bridge of understanding differences between mankind and an alternative to save the environment from further destruction. Thus without paper, mankind will not be the same again.
Paper made mankind literate. When he became literate, he did not only learned to read and write but also understood the world around him better. Through the use of paper, his ideas which used to be foreign to others can now be documented and communicated and thus the learning exchange began for ideas not only to spread but also to grow. Through paper also, we understood the arguments that surround us and how they evolve for our use and understanding (Lunsford and Ruszkiewicz 187). This was revolutionized by the invention of printing press where thoughts can now be written on paper en masse and the population became educated (Dittmar 1133). Through mass education using the medium of paper, we have learned to contrive tools, machines, and technology to make the once crude life to be convenient (Szczepanski). So paper made our lives better.
Paper is also an instrument of peace and diplomacy which helps resolve conflict (Olayiwola and Okorie 953). Through paper, mankind have learned how to settle his disputes peacefully. Mankind may have a lot of differences in perspective and opinion and these differences in world view and opinion had led him to so many conflicts that are destructive. Paper played a greater role not only in stopping these conflicts but also in averting conflicts as diplomatic messages are carried out through the use of paper. Paper also averted further conflict by being the means of cultural exchange and understanding whereby people could talk their differences instead of shooting their disagreements. Through the use of paper, these differences and nuances that led to so many conflicts had been documented for the other party to read, understand and extend their tolerance towards each other.
Paper is also environment friendly. During these times of climate change where our waste is threatening our environment through climate change, we resort to paper as an alternative to plastics. It is because paper is biodegradable and can be recycled ( Unlike plastic which will remain thrash forever that clogs our environment, paper can be dissolved back into nature in its natural state (Science Learning Hub). Technology has even made the production of paper more efficient and environmental friendly making it a more viable option to plastic. As a literate species, we know we cannot abandon our need for paper despite the fact that its production could take its toll on our environment because it is made of wood where trees had to be fallen for it to be made. So we created new ways through technology of how to make paper efficiently by making more paper with less. We also learned how to recycle where old papers can still be reused.
In sum, paper did not only made us literate but also made our lives better. It also served as a medium to settle the arguments around us that enabled us to understand our world better. It also served as a medium of peace and diplomacies that saved us from destructive wars as paper served as a bridge of understanding. It is also environment friendly and proved to be a viable alternative plastic because it is biodegradable and does not clog our environment. Paper indeed is one of mankind’s most useful invention.
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