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London city - Essay Example

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In the wake of media explosion, sensitivity of logos or images that pertains to religious inclinations has raised debate in London .The Logo…
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London city
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Extract of sample "London city"

Download file to see previous pages Although most nations were comfortable with the logo, Iranian reaction provoked intense debate and this attracted contribution of scholars, political leaders and the general public. This became a pressing issue that was likely to escalate to the extent of affecting participation of all countries in the Olympics. It is evident that such a logo can be of great socio-political insinuation if not well taken care of.
The 2012 London Olympics logo is a jagged emblem that came in a series of colors. This included shades of pink, orange, blue and green. According to the chairman of the London 2012 Olympics organizing committee, the logo’s number 2012 was designed with the intention to make it appeal to the internet generation of today. The logo designed by Wolf Olins had the number 2012 jagged in a particular font that the designer deemed impressive (Garcia,7).
However, this logo elicited a lot of debate over its design. This was owing to the different perceptions people had about the image. From Wolf Olins’ angle he just jagged about the number 2012 to get an impressive image attractive to the internet using generation but from other people’s perception, the logo had different meanings depending on their school of thought or rather their visual reasoning skills (Garcia, 9).
First is the perception of the logo by Iranians. Iran was too taken by the 2012 London Olympics logo. Almost four years after the logo was designed a new perception by an Iranian athlete brought a twist to the perceptions about the logo. Tehran an Iranian athlete threatened boycotting the race unless the organizers moved with speed to change the logo. In his view or understanding, the logo depicted the word “Zion”. It should be noted that it was a jagged font that represented the four figures 2012 (Nudd, 1).
The Iranian government on the other end had its perception of the same. According to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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