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Make Questions and short answer for reading - Assignment Example

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In relation to this, she managed to overcome the challenges posed by his Nathaniel Parker Willis, which would have led to loss of her ambitions in the…
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Make Questions and short answer for reading
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Extract of sample "Make Questions and short answer for reading"

The story “Fanny Fern (Sarah Willis Parton) 1811-187” is a narration about the life history of Sarah Willis and her contributions to literature.
Why is Sarah Willis referred to as Fern in the story?
Sarah Willis is referred to as Fern because of the challenges she managed to overcome in her pursue of her career as an author. In relation to this, she managed to overcome the challenges posed by his Nathaniel Parker Willis, which would have led to loss of her ambitions in the work of literature.
The story “Aunt Hetty on Matrimony” expounds on the little contribution of men to their wives despite them thinking of them from early stages of life.
Why does Aunt Hetty tell the girls to stop building air-castles through spending much of their time talking of lovers, as well as honeymoons?
Aunt Hetty believes that men care less about their wives. She claims that men have the habit of eating what they have not bought. Additionally, she claims that men do not assist their wives in issues such as taking children to hospital despite fathering them.
The story “Hungry Husbands” is all about men who can afford doing everything to their wives if only they show concern.
Why does the narrator of the story advice Esther to cook a turkey for the husband when requesting for a trip?
The narrator of the story believes that the only thing that can convince a man into doing what their wives need is through enticing them with what they like in life. In relation to this, hungry husbands could do anything in the name of their favorite food.
The story “Male Criticism on Ladies’ Books” expounds on how feminine writers are disregarded in the profession of writing books.
Why does the author of this story not in a position to discuss anything about ladies association with writing?
The author perceives the discussion of women ability to write useless since it adds no value to them as much as writing is concerned. He believes out such discussion will allow women present their writing to the public.
The story “Fresh Leaves, by Fanny Fern” expounds on the success of some women in life.
Why does the author of the story say “she should be oil upon the troubled waters of manhood?”
The author tried to express how women are oppressed in the society. In relation to this he the author thought it is advisable for women to remain humble regardless of oppression from men.
The story “A Law More Nice Than Just” narrates on how women are barred from wearing clothes made for men.
What does the author of this article mean by saying “What a fool I was not to think of it not to remember that men who make the laws, make them meet all these little emergencies."
The author was ironical in stating this, he wanted to expound on how men consider only about themselves in making some overall decisions in life. Read More
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