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Tradition step to get married - Essay Example

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According to the classical juristic definition, marriage can be described as a “contract between a man and a woman who is legally eligible to be his wife,”…
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Tradition step to get married
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Extract of sample "Tradition step to get married"

Download file to see previous pages As such, I find it reasonably important to share and describe the concept of marriage among the Alqemzi community and the UAE in general.
As a custom in the UAE, marriage is first sparked by the setting up of the wedding date by the families of the bride and the groom. Even though during the preparation phase of the marriage the groom is required to do a series of arrangements, the bride is usually engaged in even more time consuming and elaborate preparations. Generally speaking, marriages in the UAE are such a glamorous occurrences since they are highly cultural and follow numerous traditions. In many UAE nations, marriage celebrations mostly last for a period of up to one week and they can present a stimulating as well as an exhausting experience for both the bride as well as the groom. Notably important, the women, whether they are getting married or not are always proud in how they appear during weddings. To illustrate, most of them uphold their traditional dressing mode, that is, they are mostly dressed in their shelas (headscarf) and abayas (cloak) throughout the wedding ceremony. Furthermore, they engage in excessive make ups and regularly visit salons and beauty shops in order to beautify themselves. More importantly, months before the marriage day, the bride is subjected to a certain diet by her family in order to maintain a good body and weight.
Equally important, all through the wedding week, relative and friends of the bride and groom assemble in both homes, even though it is highly uncommon to find both families socializing and coming together before the wedding day. Basically, Laylat al Henna, a traditional name for the Henna Party, is the introduction of the wedding ceremony. Here, the bride, women and other ladies apply the Henna, a colorful substance, on their hands in order to intensify their beauty. Usually, during this occasion, all the female friends and ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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