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Edward Arlington Robinsons Richard Cory and Alden Nowlans Warren Pryor - Essay Example

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The essay will contrast Edward Arlington Robinson’s poem, “Richard Cory” and Alden Nowlan’s “Warren Pryor.” Comparing the poems’ diction, imagery and figurative language using Perrine’s lens, readers will appreciate why “Richard Cory” gained worldwide popularity…
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Edward Arlington Robinsons Richard Cory and Alden Nowlans Warren Pryor
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Extract of sample "Edward Arlington Robinsons Richard Cory and Alden Nowlans Warren Pryor"

Comparing Two Poems Using Perrine’s Lens
The language of a poem is its most critical aspect. It is the soul that gives form and life to a poem. As Laurence Perrine (34) claims in his book titled, “Sense and Sound,” for poetry to be beautiful, it has to contain the most meaningful words for its poetic context. This statement can be illustrated through a comparison of Edward Arlington Robinson’s poem, “Richard Cory” and Alden Nowlan’s “Warren Pryor.” Comparing the poems’ diction, imagery and figurative language using Perrine’s lens, readers will appreciate why “Richard Cory” gained worldwide popularity.
Language has the power to create sense and sound. As the analysis illustrates, poets should consider at least three critical aspects of language in order to write an effective poem. First, a poet’s diction or choice of meaningful words is the key to a resonant theme. Second, the images used should complement each other to retain the thought throughout the poem. Third, the figurative language should be familiar in order to make the language compelling. Robinson’s “Richard Cory” exemplifies these three qualities, thus making it a more effective poem than Nowlan’s “Warren Pryor.” With the help of Perinne’s ideas in “Sense and Sound,” readers will recognize the effort of Robinson to come up with a carefully crafted poem.
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Poetry Essay Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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